Making coconut milk (for dummies)

During the trip we stayed in Copper Bank village in the North of Belize (Central America) for more than a month during March and April 2006. In the holiday resort, where we got opportunity to stay for free, we learned how to make a coconut milk. We decided to document and share it with you.

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    25 thoughts on “Making coconut milk (for dummies)

    • Hatorah

      Oh yeah…I break coconut shell “red neck” style… Once I’ve wooshed down the juice, I put the coconut in a plastic bag and smash it on cement floor (basement or balcony) or on sidewalk if you’re a real red neck person. lol … It works!

    • flowerpower705

      i can assure you that those coconuts just have an older shell. please do not be mean.

    • KornTwistVid

      no i am not being mean am serious, there is a big different between the green big coconut and this. to me it looks rotten, older = rotten. old = change in taste. see what i mean. it may change the taste.

    • ocir1320

      for the next time get a machete and start slicing the sides tahst how you open coconut dominican style lol

    • gyalis2006

      hiya, correct me if im wrong pls but i think u just made a coconut cream and nt a milk??? i wouldnt know frm experience cos i’ve neva done it b4 but otha youtube vids (bush craft…) saysu need to repeat da process again 4da milk….. wb

    • Bad4u1171

      The reason I gave this one star:
      The title says “for dummies” yet you proceed to use methods that can easily escalate to injury. The two methods I am referring to: the pole in the ground, with the coconut in the groin area, and the use of a machete on the coconut WHILE IT’S IN THE HAND.

    • TonyaTko

      In all seriousness I have seen this done before. He was using the back of the machete. They should have made that clear… and also shown methods of removing the husk without that bamboo ground spear… and most ppl are not going to have those graters either. So yeah.. they fell a little short with the “For Dummies” part


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