21 thoughts on “Making Honey and Coconut milk Soap 2-4-2012 Silk Bath Luxuries Cristina

  • 805Soap

    Looks lovely can’t wait to see you cut it, yep you were talking up a storm…lol..being quiet is o.k. what? a relaxing moment for you to
    soap :}

  • SavonAromatique

    I thought I was the? only one that would stay up in the wee hours of the morning making soap. lol. I bet it smells so great.

  • lwaldo50

    Oh wow, Paris is my favourite perfume. I love your soap and love soap made with coconut milk or cream, so special x Linda?

  • Silk BathLuxuries

    Yup I am always up late :0/ night owl here, not by choice LOL..I just have to make sure everyone is in? bed sleeping; and then I have my time, I put on my favorite songs on pandora and make some soap :O) I am not that creative when I’m tired though..Thank you so much for watching!!

  • mjone135

    Great minds think alike!! I just made a coconut milk and honey and a coconut milk and agave nectar soap last wednesday. I love love love milk and honey soaps. I can’t wait to see yours cut up! Getting ready to? go look now!!!

  • Desaundrea

    :o) I am always up late at night as well and when I can’t sleep I make soap lol I have a batch of Perfect coming out soon and when that is done I am? swinging for another soap lol :o)

  • MrsDivaComplicated

    beautiful soaps….what do u mix with your titanium dioxide? im new? to soaping

  • Silk BathLuxuries

    Hi, I myself just use a little of my oils to mix the titanium dioxide I use very little a tip of a butter knife hardly any.? Some people use glycerin, there is also some that you can mix in water, I have the one you mix with oil. But to be honest I don’t use it much..

  • Silk BathLuxuries

    No, I do not freeze? it..I reduce the water to the max then I cool down my lye water in a ice bath and add my coconut milk in slowly..

  • Silk BathLuxuries

    @spiritfilled1000( I reduce my water), you do a water discount on? your soap~calculator when your are making soap

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