Making Virgin Coconut Oil At Home

Home made virgin coconut oil. This is how coconut oil can be made by anybody at home. It takes about 8 hours to do it, but works well. It isn’t less expensiv…

17 thoughts on “Making Virgin Coconut Oil At Home

  • RedBerry at Homestead Hopes

    What am amzing & interesting task! I? did not know any of this information so I thank you for doing this video on it.
    That coconut shredder is very cool indeed. I bet that shredded coconut that your wife will use to make candy,etc will taste so delicious.

  • Cheeky Saver

    Is that ever cool. I never even thought of how it is made. Since coconut water comes in cans to drink it must also be a cannable item. Hmmm now you have my brain working…. mercy mercy! LOL

    Thanks for another great vid!?

  • Skeptic

    Thanks. Knowing how to extract oil from nuts is a useful skill. Where I live there are a lot of wild walnut trees. Nobody eats the nuts. I may gather some this fall to see if? I can make walnut oil. I might even try it with acorns.

  • Skeptic

    Thanks. Coconut oil is an amazing food, and its many uses as food, skin care, and even medicine are only? now being completely understood.

  • Skeptic

    What I showed here is just one way to make the oil. There’s also a “cold pressed” way to make it, but it’s best to have a lot more of the? milk, and a lot more time.

    Wow! I’m pleased I was able to inspire you. Thanks for your kind words.

  • Skeptic

    Well, making coconut oil is a chore, no doubt about it, and it takes a long time. It should really be done over two days, but I hurried it for the video. I might have gotten more oil if I’d let it settle in the refrigerator longer.

    My wife’s candy will be great, I’m sure. Her Filipino recipes are all good,? but her western cooking is not so much.

    I intend to make at least one video about baking with coconut flour.

    Lastly, my friend RBAHH, look into the health benefits of coconut oil.

  • Brett Sanders

    Does the oil solidify in the jar? I just bought some? from the grocery store and its in solid form.

  • Skeptic

    It’ll solidify below 76 deg F. It’s also usually less expensive to buy coconut oil, too, but make sure it isn’t hydrogenated or you’ll lose some of the? benefits.

  • 101AOK

    I could not for the life of me figure how you were gonna use that? coconut shredder. Last I ever thought you’d SIT on it! Learn something every day! Wow. Lot of work there. Can you extract oil from store bought milk? (coconut of course).
    Great vid

  • Skeptic

    Sure. Extracting oil from? store bought coconut milk would be expensive, but it can be done.

  • RedBerry at Homestead Hopes

    Ohh wow some Filipino recipes would be interesting. I don’t think I am familiar with any?
    Yes I can see it really takes time but all good things take time. And fresh coconut is ooohhh sooo goood!!!
    I will be definitely looking into getting coconut oil into my diet. Since you are not the 1st to recommend? it…it is time for me to try.
    Thanks so much for caring.

  • Meraj Allen Khan

    Thank you for your video and time brother. I am maybe too naive, but cant resist to ask you, 🙂 Y cant we just? grind the coconut then strain the milk and then carry on the process?

  • kishamariscal

    Thanx for the video,I luv the idea of making? coconut candy with the shredded meat instead of wasting it

  • Skeptic

    My wife, a Pacific? Islander, suggested the coconut candy. Anyway, if you can get coconuts inexpensively, this is a good way to make the oil.

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