Mind Mechanix #3 – The Benefits of Coconuts

Hope you guys enjoy the info in this one. Actually, I KNOW you will. Who wouldn’t want to know … how eating a lot more fat will burn even more fat!! Haha, no lies! Check out my other video’s on www.mattstruve.com

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    5 thoughts on “Mind Mechanix #3 – The Benefits of Coconuts

    • yzrkmn

      Matt, You were on POINT with this one! Here is the website I go to order extra virgin coconut oil and other products. WildernessFamilyNaturals check it out and let me know your thoughts?

    • newagesakura

      I drink coconut juice on a regular basis, long before it became a fad diet. I have always believed in it’s ability to cool my body down and provide essential nutrients it requires. However I prefer to drink it from an actual coconut, not from a carton

    • xenonce

      @newagesakura – you and me both, nothing more refreshing then drinking from a young coconut, cartons don’t have it. So happy it caught on too as a fad diet. They charge too much for sure, but at least it’s a culture move toward a healthier direction

    • newagesakura

      Thanx 4ur reply!
      I’m VERY cautious on recomending coconuts as part of a regular diet
      ALL diets need to be balanced.Drinking only coconut as a source of fluids is prob OK for SOME,but prior consideration with Docs &nutritionists is a must
      Coconuts are high in Magnesium,Phosphorus,Vit-C(&more)
      BUT also high in Sodium& Sugar &is a DIURETIC!
      Diuretics cause water-loss,may cause problems if over-consumed or before working out
      Research& becareful!Too much of a good thing CAN become dangerous!

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