Miracle Products: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You asked, so here it is! I present to you with much honor the product that I am convinced lifted my skin out of it’s years of on and off acne. Not only can it greatly improve the condition and texture of skin, but you can even eat it or use it for many types of conditioning. It’s inexpensive, has multi-uses and tastes great! Can’t go wrong with that. That’s extra virgin olive oil for you. I noticed smoother skin after one day of using it. It started to greatly improve my skin and stop my chronic acne within 2-4 weeks. Love it! EVOO is claimed to… – overtime soften and smooth skin and wrinkles – lower cholesterol when ingested – help balance body oil levels without clogging pores – helps stimulate metabolism for better digestion – moisturize hands and nails – strengthen nails – use as a hair conditioner for dandruff control or deep conditioning (me, I prefer using a little on the tips of my hair occasionally) – soothes skin irritation & inflamations – can stop pimples from growing – soothes itchiness – can makes breasts firmer? – rumor is it can help prevent tumors and skin cancers by rubbing onto skin – use it as a gum toner – use as a body or facial moisturizer (i use it on my face at night or on days I’m just staying home) – has powerful antioxidants and vitamin E – use on tummy or butt to help prevent sagging – use as a makeup remover (i do this now) – use with a warm wash cloth or sponge in the shower to massage onto face or apply after showering like a moisturizer

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    25 thoughts on “Miracle Products: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    • SuperTreeBri

      olive oil works? great. I used it once and my pores are gone, my face is softer and less red, and i can alreadly tell its getting clear

    • Single4ever4lovesake

      You are the sweetest little thing ! tooooo cute? ! I wish you all the best in your skin care journey. Adorable just adorable.

    • RoyceIsTheKing

      just saw this and just tried it. what a coincidence i just bought olive oil today and I? ran into this video. ps your are very cute

    • starfaery

      Just wanna say green firstpressed coldpressed organic xtra virgin olive oil is? the healthiest. Contains most nutrients.

    • starfaery

      Just wanna say: “green firstpressed coldpressed organic ektra virgin olive oil” is the healthiest, and? contains most nutrients.

    • starfaery

      @Isthisit044 That, or you’re not using organic oil. All the processes stuff, usually? don’t do much for your health.

    • starfaery

      Just wanna say: “green firstpressed? coldpressed organic ektra virgin olive oil” is the healthiest, and contains? more vitamins and nutrients.

    • MsTheHunters

      THANK YOU!! for 4 years I have had a very bad acne, i’ve tried many different cream products, but none of them worked. For years I have been hiding my face, I’ve been lonely at my school, so I got tired of it, and start searching on youtube. I found your video and? decided to try it out. I have now been doind it with extra virgin oil for about 2 weeks, and my skin have not been so clean for years! I cant thank you enough, I can finally ask a girl out :’) you got my subscribe! CHEERS

    • blythesmile

      I subbed after seeing this video (after searching for EVOO reviews) – you’re so cute and gave me the courage to try this out tonight. We’ll? see how it goes!

    • luvjbieber1

      i tried this and it worked for the first? month but then made my acne worse 🙁
      any other suggestions?

    • wearingpants0

      I felt for you especially when you said you had it during your high school years and the first year of college. I am having? the same problem right now, and it is horrible. i have tried everything, from proactive, to sikinID to dermatologists, estheticians, everything. after seeing this, i’ve decided to give extra virgin olive oil. Thank you for sharing this information, and may i say, your skin is gorgeous 🙂

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