Model Beauty Tip: Coconut Oil

Ford Model Shana describes the many uses and benefits of coconut oil in her daily beauty routine. Please visit for more great videos.

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    25 thoughts on “Model Beauty Tip: Coconut Oil

    • pyogazel

      Coconut oil is NOT a sunscreeen, use it as a sunscreen and you’ll just BURN! I know: I tried. I was young and silly and fortunately I only tried it on a little spot… It took years for my skin to recover 🙁

    • underthepink

      i agree, for fair skinned peeps it’s not good in the sun, but IS an excellent, non-toxic skin moisturizer. makes colored tattoos SHINE and POP

    • NoahideCamel

      @pyogazel IMO if it takes years for one spot of your skin to recover you SERIOUSLY need to go to a doctor. =/

    • pyogazel

      @ NoahideCamel, thank you for your concern, it took so long because it’s a very fragile spot : the space between my breasts. It’s healed now but I learned my lesson.

    • MooeyMcQuack416

      I got mine at an Asian Foods store for $3. It is very economical. Only coconut oil becomes solid at room temperature, so it’s best to keep it in a shallow open-mouthed jar.

    • TheresNoTimeLikeNow

      Make sure its organic and expeller or centrifuged but not heated or chemically extracted, big difference in flavor and its positive or detrimental effects on the body as a result of being natural and pure or chemically processed and toxic. May look good but be toxic in fact. Look into the processing AND growing of it. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides go on the palms and will be in the oil as well of course. Organic is always best.

    • himenajima

      @pyogazel she never said it was a sunscreen she said it helps you get a good tan you know like a tanning oil..?..sun screen is a good sun screen..

    • TopOrganicTeam

      Be careful with organic, a lot of companies claim to be natural/organic, but since there is no certification for cosmetics, they still have a lot of toxins. I found a great line of products and they ARE USDA certified organic like food. Soo, you can be sure that you are getting TRULY Organic products on you skin. Check out my channel to find out more 😉

    • Liyahbeat

      @g4ready lol i know, i was thinking the same thing..she sounds more basian than jamaican though. haha

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