More About Coconut Oil – 4 Criteria For Choosing The Right Type Of Coconut Oil For You #LLTV

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25 thoughts on “More About Coconut Oil – 4 Criteria For Choosing The Right Type Of Coconut Oil For You #LLTV

  • missmariebradford

    wow got ya by 2 minutes? up cutie pie my new diet is going awesome been on it for 2 days now cleaning out my system for 2 days.Hugs Marie.

  • Laurie Mackeson

    While coconut oil isn’t my thing, I enjoyr hearing your opinion that there can be differing health benefits on similar toes of items. In simple terms, they are? both pod…

  • Laurie Mackeson

    @lauriejamesmackeson both good but one is better. Talkin about how this principal applies to other toes of foods allows people like me? to feel at ease rather than feeling guilty for eating any of that product . Make sense?

  • HealthyDury

    Great, informative video!?
    Random: I’m in the UK and I have the same coconut oil you have 🙂

  • bradgouthrofitness

    they’re the same…if it’s melted, it just means the room it’s being stored in is hotter. i store mine in my kitchen cubbards. in the hot summer? days, it’s melted while sitting on the shelves…in the winter, it’s always in a solid state

  • bradgouthrofitness

    yep..already filmed…go search my channel for: My Journey Into Fitness & How To Start Yours – Live Lean? TV

  • LoolaLoves

    I am new to your channel but it would be really interesting to see a coconut oil vs Olive oil…I think they are about the? same in calories so I’m not sure the big difference. Thanks!

  • bradgouthrofitness

    Hey, welcome to the channel…video already? done…search my channel for it, or go to my Food Wars playlist to get it

  • LoolaLoves

    Ok Thanks you for getting back to me so quickly! I will go look harder for it now! Have a great day!!!?

  • carolinefreak

    Just? bought some the other day… I have no clue if it was refined or not, all I know is that it was bio (woops). I may just get one refined and one unrefined – depending on if I plan to use it in high temperature uses. Already though, I like it a lot more than olive oil for baking and sautéing – My apartment doesn’t get smoked up like it used to. 😀 Thank for the run-down, Brad!

  • ron Yim

    thank you so much!
    Always support your great vlog, hoping to watch your grocery and cooking video!
    Do you undergo bulking? followed by cutting in order to build solid muscle?


    Brad I have an iphone5? and I’m not sure if its only this phone, but the video quality isn’t that clear. Just wondering if its the phone or others have had the same issue. Thanks

  • bradgouthrofitness

    i’ve never “bulked” before. just? progressively trained hard and eat clean healthy food. best way in my opinion.

  • SGVliverSHOT626

    i love coconuts!!!!? drink and eat it. when I’m in Mexico i guzzle the huge fresh ones on the beach

  • prin222

    OMG! I always heard from nutritionists and even doctors that you can heat coconut oil that its not gonna lose its nutrients and i always buy the cold pressed, unrefined one? to use for cooking. Are you 100% sure about it??? ive been doing this for ages and now i find out i cant do that?????

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