My 4th Month Review on Coconut Oil

Sorry for the shakey video, I don’t have a tri pod stand yet to set the camera on, and then I just didn’t want to face the camera tonight..LOL I am 51 August 2009, I started taking 1-2 table spoons of coconut oil as a daily supplement. I was interested in the coconut oil after I saw a few You Tube videos promoting how it “helps” boost your metabolism. I need all the help I could get, Sure! I wanted a “boost”, I needed to get my energy back and be able to trot on the treadmill. This is my experience of the benefits of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Un-refined Coconut Oil I don’t believe everything I see or hear, I have to see for myself, if this miracle oil is all what it says it is… I wonder why I didn’t get sick when I went on back on the Enbrel-this drug suppressed my immune system in the early fall, in the midst of the flu & season, all my co worker where sick, but, for some reason, with my immune system compromised, I didn’t even have a sniffle? But, also, I was eating healthier with low carb lifestyle. I am no longer taking the Enbrel, the flu season is upon us, and almost every co-worker has been sick this past month….could this be my protection? Why did my weight start dropping in mid August at 2-4 pound per week? All the questions and now 4 months later…I am proclaiming my health has improved totally.

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    14 thoughts on “My 4th Month Review on Coconut Oil

    • crosspecans

      i bought some and dont really know what to do with it. its just kinda sitting there. may be i will open it now.. thanks so much bonnie. ps i saw a tripod for a camera at the dollor store…no foolin.

    • Texa41

      Bonnie, because of you I started eating coconut oil. It’s soooo good to just eat out of the jar! Since staring it, my skin feels so much softer.

    • kaziemae

      I was wondering if you were still taking it. I bought some, havent started yet. will on friday. I am not as brave as you though I am going to mix it in my shake. One thing you should also look into is Vit D 3 for protection of the getting the flu. I also want to look into the Hemp Oil, if you know of any good sites on the internet, please let us know… gosh knows there is some strange info out there. stay strong and healthy and keep up the GREAT work…

    • cutechoclatechip

      i’ve put it in my coffee, cocoa, made baked goods with it and just took it straight up……….you can get real creative with it!

    • Bonnie90505

      yes, just don’t put it in your smoothie…lol, it becomes chunks…yes, I like to add it to my coffee sometimes

    • Bonnie90505

      thanks, I have to look at those stores for one, try the coconut oil if you had already bought it…lol, I was a skeptic at first.

    • Bonnie90505

      I eat my coconut oil out of the jar too…and now I am adding to my foods.I am glad you are noticing some good benefits from it, I sure am.

    • Bonnie90505

      just try it….see if you find the wonders that I do…I know it helps me with weight loss…I just do!

    • genuinelysarcastic

      that’s so cool! i’m going to get some! I think i might have to mix it in with something!

    • msixpackabs

      I saw it together with Corina….we cried likme idiots at the en d of it.
      I’ve never saw such a product in Romania.
      I take magnesium, Centrum ( a multimineral complex) , pills for stomach (not to be stomach hungry), ginkoton (ginkobiloba) and spirulin. woooot…I bet you didn’t think i do this. I so <3 u! I choose to lose weight…but not by killing myself….

    • Bonnie90505

      Please let me know if you cannot buy coconut oil, have you looked online..I would love to ship you some, but I am not sure of customs…you are wonderful and I am so proud of you for taking control of your life..ginkobiloba….gives you that sexy feeling…..I know!

    • Bonnie90505

      just don’t mix coconut oil in anything cold, it will turn into chucks…lol, good luck, please let me know who you like it and if you see any of the benefits it claims to have, I know it does wonders for me…I love it.

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