25 thoughts on “My Avocado and Coconut Milk (and then some) Deep Conditioner

  • innovativethinkin

    I cant remember the dye but it was a honey blonde color. i knew it wouldnt come out that light so that’s why I chose it. I got it from sally’s though

  • innovativethinkin

    You don’t have to use it. I just prefer it b/c it doesn’t make my hair too dry like store shelf products and it doesn’t contain harsh ingredients like store shelf shampoo either

  • Godsflame1

    Your hair is doing great! I remember seeing your video’s when you were transitioning. Are you still using sizta2sizta now that you are all natural? I was wondering if her creme moisturizer helped add softness to natural hair?

  • innovativethinkin

    I haven’t used them while I was natural but I will and will let you know about it. I love their products!

  • SumKindaWndrful

    This happens to be my FAVORITE song… but about the recipe! lol. I will be trying this. Thanks for sharing.

  • kimsopinion

    I love this! I’ve tried it twice before per the instructions listed in this video and it worked really well for my hair! I’m going to deep condition tomorrow evening using the avocado and coconut milk deep conditioner. Thanks for the video!

  • skygodess003

    hi..Iike your video the all natural conditioning is wonderful.just wondering the name of coconut oil you use?thank you

  • skygodess003

    by the way you should check out the how to put henna in your hair videos they are life changers henna is the best way to naturally color and moisturize your hair it’s a vary ancient practice I loved how my hair feels from it..good luck to you love..tah..tah

  • sisiafrica

    Hey, nice vid. Thanks for posting. But by any chance does the coconut milk you used have sulfides in it? Because i cant seem to find any coconut milk without them.

  • skygodess003

    okay hanks for the coment about when I asked you the name of e coconut oil..you put in your hair….I can probably check at local supermarkets,health food stores ect.
    I’ll make sure its unfined coconut oil..thank you ..by the way have you tried the henna.you can get it at your local indian markets..and they have good all natural shampoos also..hope things are good with you love tah..tah

  • larita409

    we have the exact same hair texture i am 15 m onths post relaxer and i just did a mini chop on my hair.. it is shoulder length now good luck on your journey

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