My Beauty Secret for Skin Care- Organic Coconut Oil for Beauty

SUBSCIBE Makeup and Minimalism- Keeping with the natural, organic, environmentally friendly, Eco-safe, cruelty free simplistic lifestyle, I share my favorite natural beauty product, coconut oil. I use coconut oil to condition and moisturize my hair, remove makeup, and moisturize my Hair, Skin and Body. Coconut oil is a great replacement for moisturizer and is especially great in the summer after a sunburn and to rejuvenate over dry skin. You can even use coconut oil as healthy alternative to other cooking oils. Just beware, even though it is a healthier alternative, oil is still a fat, and should be used sparingly, no matter how healthy it is. If you have eczema, wrinkles, dandruff, psoriasis, dry cracked skin, frizzy hair- you can experience benefits of coconut oil. Check out some of my other videos! The ANTI-Haul: Beauty Junkie Rehab pt1

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    24 thoughts on “My Beauty Secret for Skin Care- Organic Coconut Oil for Beauty

    • AllThoseMuffins

      I mixed my coconut oil with my shampoo because I have dandruff. I have actually noticed a difference, but I am only allowed to? wash my hair once a week because of its condition, so maybe it is too early to tell. Is your coconut oil scented? 🙂

    • stanbalo

      Hi! I don’t want to be a smart ass but i suggest u do an upward sweep when u remove your make up so as not to sag the skin. You are pretty and we don’t want any? sagging skin =)

    • xxgoodnevil17xx

      My boyfriend uses it for cooking! I’ve been using the oil cleansing method for a year now and my skin has benefitted so much from it! It has helped my Rosacea which makes my skin very sensitive and also my? acne. It even makes my skin LESS oily! I use olive oil or olive oil mixed with castor oil but I’ve been thinkin of adding other oils (mainly cuz I hate the smell) and coconut oil sounds perfect!

    • AmberFairydust

      what can u use for very damaged hair? i tend to get oliy at the roots and very dry and damaged at the ends, regular conditioners and masks don’t really seem to do much for more than 2 hours or so :s… can i perhaps use the? oil method? or is there something better?

    • saraht1976

      I love coconut oil for a hair mask. I put it on dry hair on a Saturday morning and leave it in while I laze around. When I wash my hair, it’s so much softer. Also, when you get to the bottom of the jar and can’t reach it anymore, pop it in the microwave to make it? a liquid so you can get to it again. Love it!

    • dollarstorecouture

      I’ve been using olive oil in this manner for a few months. I use it to take off my makeup and as part of a homemade scrub. I use honey, sugar, and olive oil. Sometimes I use aspirin as? well. I started on that regimen for the exact reasons you said: my skin was going crazy and I didn’t know what to do anymore. I also didn’t have a lot of money to keep guessing with skincare products.

      It’s been working pretty well! My skin has calmed down a lot, in terms of redness and dryness. Once the olive o

    • closetKdrmalov3r1

      Some researchers also? say that eating a LITTLE bit of coconut oil daily may help prevent and/or treat the effects of alzheimer’s disease. I love how it helps our skin, but especially for my family’s genetics, this is an added bonus! Won’t hurt to try at least for both accounts!!

    • LeiaS83

      It is the best!!! Its a family tradition my granma makes a batch every time some one in the family has a baby. And i love it. I have never tried it on my hair i? will now tho thanks for the tip

    • laysee1983

      I just subscribed to your channel and i have watched like 7 videos? tonight! I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your channel. I respect that you are the real deal, and you bring so many useful tips & tricks that I have never seen here on youtube. I can’t wait to see your vids pop up in my sub. box! : )

    • mellowpuf

      almond, avocado oil also work really well and are easy to apply. i find when i cook with coconut oil, my skin and hair look A LOT better – my hair is? much shinier and more healthy looking 🙂


      I have been using coconut oil and I LOVE IT! Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention! You are amazing any? other organic tips please share!!!! 🙂

    • browniebackup1

      Enjoyed your? video. I shared it with my daughter in law.
      You guys kinda look alike! lol!
      Coconut oil is also great for hair loss.Just dab some on your problem areas at night and shampoo in the morning or braid up.

    • zeeet

      i love coconut oil, can’t live without it. I use it on my hair as a deep treatment and to add shine for everyday. I also use it to treat my nails before nail polish, and this prevents my nails from chipping.? I also sometimes use it on my dry spots but I find if I use it too often or too much on my skin, it breaks me out. But it doesn’t break my mom out. =\

    • TheLittlestcrow

      Discovered you today & have been watching your? vids like crazy! Subscribed as well. Thank you for such informative videos!

    • Evey202

      Just found you on YT. I love your videos! I started using coconut oil as a hair mask for about a month now? and I can already notice a reduction in frizz in my curls! Love this stuff!!!

    • 07monchan

      I love coconut oil, have been using now for years. Try organic popcorn cooked in coconut oil and sea salt, amazing! As a 54 year old I have been dealing with some skin issues, one of them being the ears. Everyone needs to put coconut oil on there ears every night before bed. I wish I would have known this, It is also good for? wrinkles too, my crows feet are gone 🙂

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