My Coconut “Oil Pulling” (mini) Experiment.

READ BELOW!!.Controlling the Carb Monster-My Blog: Oil pulling is an ancient detoxification-Please expand for more info I am on to another fantastic experiment, this time Coconut Oil Pulling…if you don’t know anything about “oil pulling” here are a few places you can read up on oil pulling, I follow Dr Bruce Fife on Face book about the healthy benefits of Oil Pulling”swishing” 1tablespoon of oil for 15minutes once a day on an empty stomach, spit out(do not swallow) the oil mixed with your saliva removes toxins..I was amazed what I saw in the sink!!…more to come in my next video. Here are a few places you can read up and learn more about “Oil Pulling”–I choose coconut oil, but may try other oils in the future. Coconut Oil Benefits Proven by Science How To Do Oil Pulling (And Why You’d Want To) Oil Pulling for a Brighter Smile and Better Health by Bruce Fife Facebook-Bruce Fife talks alot about Oil Pulling daily!!! Health By Coconut ***Disclaimer: Throughout this video and video information, statements are made pertaining to the properties and/or functions of food and/or nutritional products. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration/FTC and these materials and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. I have no affiliation with Jarrow Formulas. Jarrow Formulas has not paid me for this video, and all products were

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    10 thoughts on “My Coconut “Oil Pulling” (mini) Experiment.

    • rockybarragan

      Ooo now I’m excited to see your new vid. I’m going to research oil pulling. I don’t think I can wait for you to get out of editing hell. I hate editing!!

    • 4evasugarfree

      Can’t wait for your next vid! I tried coconut oil pulling 3 times this week after reading your comments on someone elses channel. Thanks Bonnie.

    • Bonnie90505

      @Melissa080288 thanks Melissa, yes I have heard about the law of attraction, thinking and feeling,positivity attracts positivity,-.healing power 🙂

    • Bonnie90505

      @4evasugarfree thats great!! Let me know more about your experiences, thanks for watching, i appreciate the comments and feed back.

    • Bonnie90505

      @rockybarragan oil pulling for me, and now my cats are getting coconut oil as a supplement to their diet, I let it melt a bit, and give them a taste, and so far, they like it, and I hope to see results in their fur balls, and coat and dental health, and Dante needs to lose weight..will see!! thanks for watching Rocky!

    • MzJazzy1Me41

      So, how do you use Coconut Oil to dissolve kidney stones? I’ve been researching and it’s not really clear on ways to use it for that purpose. If you know, let me know so I can Relay the usage to my dad. Thanks.

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