My Hair Care Routine | Organix Coconut Milk

Hey girlies, so I did this video to share with you guys my hair routine and how I keep my hair healthy. Remember to leave any requests for future videos! xo …

11 thoughts on “My Hair Care Routine | Organix Coconut Milk

  • sarai campos

    I love that straightner we have the same one and looking forward to buy the organix shampoo and condinoter next week I only have the split ends one the coconut? one I love it so thanks for this video

  • daszai walker

    yea you should really try out the nume flat? iron….its amazing and better for your hair =)

  • Brianna Leighton

    I am actually? using mane n tail and im trying to find a good shampoo and conditioner that wont make my hair greasy and stuff this wont make my hair like that will it

  • chrstna2

    Love this video! And I love organix products, You should really try the keratin oil conditioner It’s AMAZING I do really like the coconut milk conditioner but the the conditioner makes my hair so much more shiny and moisturized and sleek, It made my hair look so much more healthy I love it I? hope you can try it out soon! 🙂

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