My most used product ~Coconut Oil~ A Holy Grail!!

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil!!!!!!! I am Obsessed….hehe I use this stuff for everything • I get mine at Trader Joe’s • It is only like or • Smells like Almond Joys • You can use it as Gel [ great for guys with short hair & girls with curly hair] • deep conditioner • gives great shine • makeup remover • use it as a moisturizer

12 thoughts on “My most used product ~Coconut Oil~ A Holy Grail!!

  • rosannam83

    Thanks so so much for the recommendation i already put this on my Trader Joe’s Grocery List your the best your should make more videos i LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos? all your DIY and all your MAKEUP VIDEOS please post more videos 🙂

  • vilmathejblover

    i LOVE this product! You? can also use the oil on your eyelashes. it makes them a bit darker, longer and just nicer! I use it at night and when i wake up it looks lika i have mascara on! it is AWESOME!

  • LizWheelz

    ahhh YAY!!!!! hehe let me know? how you like it 😀

    I will <3
    and thank you sooooo much!!! you honestly have no idea how much i appreciate it girly! thank you! hehe comments like this always make my day!

  • LizWheelz

    oh how awesome!! omgoodness thank you! I’ve used Vaseline on my? lashes before as like a ‘clear mascara’ but eh iono i don’t like using stuff like that so close to my eyes because I’ve heard it’s ingredients arn’t so good…..but wow i hadnt thought to use the coconut oil! thank you so much!!!!

  • LizWheelz

    ahh YAY!!!! Thank you! thank you! thank you? sooo much for watching<3

    sounds awesome! we totally should! 😀

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