My Natural Hair Care Regimen/ Product Review

My Natural Hair Care Regimen/ Product Reviews for Coconut milk shampoo and Conditioner, Coconut Oil, Wave Nouveau, Fantasia IC hair polisher Styling Gel, Nikki’s Soul Tress, Henna

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    9 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Care Regimen/ Product Review

    • expertonmyself

      you can get coconut oil at whole foods, health food stores and maybe some gourmet/specialty grocery markets.

    • expertonmyself

      i agree about the garnier fructise. it doesn’t produce any favorably memorable results for me. i think i need to stick w/ the cantu shea butter leave-in conditioning repair cream. in fact, i need to use their line for a few months. also “nouveau” is pronounced nu-vo [long “o” sound.]. 🙂

    • RUDEincorporated

      I got my coconut oil from Earthfare, but they sell it at Kroger, and other grocery stores

    • randb247

      For added moisture, you can try a water and glycerin mix (glycerin is really cheap in the BSS.) Also, you can try the Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-In (it’s $8 and can be found in Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe & many BSS’s.) You can also look up Curls by Sister Smith. She has cheap & natural moisturizing products.

    • devery2009

      the only time you would need protien in your hiar is if it damaged weak and or brittle. the protien strengthens the hair or makes it feel “hard” taking away from natural softness of the hair, so as a professional i would advise you to use as little protien as possible…to much of a good thing can be bad

    • myaka0801

      You may want to try natural soaps to wash your hair like hemp tea tree black soap,,, they don’t strip the hair and makes your hair really soft. I do use the organix conditioner I love coconut oil…its the only one I use

    • mizzcarmel26

      I just have a question, on natural hair, do you think chi silk infusion will work good, and is it healthy to put on your natural hair. I ask this because it supposed to make your hair silky and I don’t put perms in my hair so………

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