My Natural Oil Moisturizer: Coconut/Tea Tree/Jojoba Oil

Hey Ladies, learn how to make ur own hair oil moisturizer. Its cheap to make and lasts you for a long time. Its very easy to make and if you are a woman who likes to keep ur hair products natural, this is the product for you. Ingredients: Coconut Oil (adds shine, light oil, antimicrobial and antifungal) Tea Tree Oil (helps with dandruff and itching and it unclogs hair follicles) Jojoba Oil ( great conditioner and hair moisturizer because its similiar to our natural hair oil) Sweet Orange EO for Fragrance

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    15 thoughts on “My Natural Oil Moisturizer: Coconut/Tea Tree/Jojoba Oil

    • muniyrah

      Hi LyricJordan,

      Just like the wonderful coconut milk shampoo I copied from you, this oil too will be one on my list.
      Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • queenston2p4

      why don’t you come out with your own cosmetic line, I think that would be dope!!

    • LyricJordan

      @queenston2p4 Honestly Ive thought about it, but I dont feel comfortable selling something that people can make themselves. Its as if Im exploiting them. I do teach my friends how to make stuff though, and they love it.

    • elohelreh

      I haven’t made a oil for my hair (my hair is not the right texture for lots of oil so I use shea to act as a puddy) but I use this exact combo in my lotion bars! Coconut, jojoba & coconut. Very nice. <3

    • mocoze

      @LyricJordan In a small way yes. An Herblist told me years ago not to put certain foods and oils ect. in the microwave because it makes it less effective and healthy due to the radiation flowing through it. But that is a great combination of oils.!

    • lela2216

      This is totally off topic but that slant in your wall would totally bother me if I were in that room instead of you!(lol) Does it ever get on your nerves? What are your thoughts?

    • LyricJordan

      @lela2216 It bothers me the most when I want to rearrange my room and things like that. For instance, my mirror is not attached to my dresser because of the slant. But Its not as low as u may think it is.

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