My Skin Care Regime- Raw Coconut Oil

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    14 thoughts on “My Skin Care Regime- Raw Coconut Oil

    • veru1975

      hi Dee ! can you help me ? i don t understand (i italian), i was one of the 21-days road to raw!what s for coconut oil? and what s the other product ?XXX

    • TheRawalicious

      @veru1975 coconut oil and dr bronners soap. You can buy raw virgin organic coconut online or at your health food store. Dr. Bronners is a brand of organic soaps. xo

    • MissMatania

      i use only coconut oil to face too!!! i use to use Jojoba oil but it’s easier for me (In Russia0 to fing high qulity Coconut oil then Jojoba. Also I use coconut oil for skin around eyes and for eye lashes also

    • MissMatania

      do u use anything for body skin? I use Flax oil instead of dif. body lotions and coconut oil sometimes.

    • gabagne

      Great vid! Pretty much the same for me; some liquid natural soap and raw organic coconut oil for skincare. Last night I threw out out all the bottles of moisturizers, scrubs, clay, shampoos that I do not use anymore; it’s nice to have a minimal amount of products! The coconut oil seems to help with some acne scars I had. I also sometimes use avocado oil for skin around the eyes, it’s supposedly a good anti-wrinkle. The raw food is what has really made a difference with my skin though!

    • Weewinkle7

      Fabulous vid! I love coconut oil, I call it one of God’s miracle foods. It’s wonderful for so many things!

    • quitejaded

      i’m so like you. I used to have dry skin.

      Ever since I started taking flaxseed oil or pills with omega 3, 6, 9, and many others (12, 7, etc) … gone. I no longer have dry skin on my face. I no longer BUY products “for dry skin” or “dry scalp”. Actually, I don’t buy products anymore except for facial cleanser (if you have a natural alternative other than oil cleansing method, plz let me know). I might switch to african black soap for facial soap but I need to do more research.

    • TheRawalicious

      @quitejaded To wash my face I just use dr bronners soap and that works nice. Whatever is natural and dosent dry out your face, you should use…

    • LogicNYC

      I don’t have much money so I just use olive oil. Also, avocados and olives moisterizes the hair and skin beautifully. I also do something special with my hair. I wet my hair, then I soak it with olive oil but I don’t wipe it off. I let it marinade for a few hours then I wash it off with cool water (no saop or shampoo) but I don’t dry it, I leave it damp and let the air dry it out. The end result is WOW! Epic curls is revealed. Try it.

    • ConsilioEtAnimus

      After watching your video I began using both Bronner’s soap and coconut oil and have had positive results. Within two days my skin looked and felt “healthier”, so I recommended coconut oil to a friend who has had dry skin for years. Yesterday he sent me an email telling me the coconut oil was working remarkably well and his skin had not felt that hydrated in years, so a big thank you for this video. It was great advice and it works!

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