My Whipped Shea Butter Mixture

Shea Butter whipped with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I late added some of the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave In to give it a sweeter smell! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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    25 thoughts on “My Whipped Shea Butter Mixture

    • CinnamonSunChip

      well it would depend on how much you moisturize you hair. shea butter is very thick and moisturizing so i only would use it 2x a week

    • brkertffny2006

      Does your Shea Butter mix stay soft?
      Do you melt your shea butter before applying it to food processor?
      Do you have to refrigerate this after mixing shea butter?
      I know this is alot of questions, but I really want to try this.

    • CinnamonSunChip

      yes the shea butter stays soft & no i didnt melt it before hand, also i didnt put it in the fridge but most ppl do. your questions are fine honey i love to help

    • kimoni6

      Hi, i don’t have food proscesser r one of those hand mixer just a blender can i use that and will i get the same results?

    • CinnamonSunChip

      i think you will get the same results and u can add whatever you’d like in it 🙂

    • Txshizzle

      my daughter was asking me about how to use shea as a hair moisturizer? She doesn’t have alot of experience with african american hair, and she had watched several of the videos I watch and saw how good it was for african american hair. She fixes her little girls hair so cute, but she would like to know if this would be good for her hair. She’s white her husband is african american. My granddaughter is the cutie patootie we are talking about. Would love any advice to pass along to her. Ty!!

    • CinnamonSunChip

      sure anyone can use it but in moderation depending on their hair texture just remember shea butter is super moisturizing so a little goes a long way 🙂

    • sherrosgirl

      I am loving the whipped shea butter mixtures now. I think it does better on my hair now that it has grown some. I dunno…i think my hair goes through phases.

    • NaturalJaLease13

      lolz finally somebody wh uses the same coconut oil as i do!! I neva saw sumbody wit it. yeah that was weird

    • kimoni6

      hi again cinnamon, can i use it on my body also. My toddler has eczema and her skin drys easily so i need something to use on her. How do u apply this to ur hair, do you apply a leave in conditioner and then the shea butter mix to seal it?

    • Lifeisagift1990

      @Txshizzle after applying a leave in conditioner, smooth a little shea butter on the hair. style the hair as usual. a llitle goes a long way!

    • Empress1776

      does it stay looking that way or does the oil start to separate a little ? I found that mine tends to look a little oily after a while

    • CinnamonSunChip

      @kimoni6 Yes you can use it on your skin but if you are add an oil like Extra Virgin Coconut Oil or? Extra Virgin Olive Oil. When I apply it I use a leave in, air dry, & then add the shea butter!

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