• CoCMember

    Coconut oil is preferred by atheletes because it is a super oil for cooking. One of the best and lowest in fats…

  • NuB82

    Perhaps it is preferred by athletes…a diet heavy in fats is required to keep up with the burned calories (metabolism). Cooking with oils should be limited period. But if using oil is an absolute MUST, Coconut oil, being one of the SIMPLE fatty acid (FA) (single bond) as oppose to a more COMPLEX FA (double bonded ) such as Olive, Corn or Soybean.
    I digress.
    Last I chkd I was’t making a recommendation for athletes, this comment geared towards hair care/beauty secrets for naturals.

  • kanielaandpalikenei

    Cocnut oil is very good for your scalp, and it does not clog your pores like regular hair grease. I wouldn’t suggest putting actually on your hair. I tried it a few days ago, and when I woke up my hair smelled like the coconut oil had gone bad/rancid in my hair. If you put an essential oil that perserves also, like rosemary, or something, it might be better.

  • tinashootsup

    I put it in my hair, actually in my hair, and it doesn’t stink the next day. so…I don’t know what you’re using…

  • kanielaandpalikenei

    I use spectrum’s virgin coconut oil. there is nothing mixed in it. I got it from my regular grocery store. It could be the humidity of Hawaii’s air, or the salt. Idk but it went bad in my hair. I know what I put in my hair.



    If you used the Spectrum “Refined” Coconut Oil..it’s the not the one you should use for hair. Look for the Virgin “Unrefined” Coconut Oil…gotta make sure it says “unrefined”…big difference.

  • Weewinkle7

    It moisturizes really well and gives a nice shine over time. I know this from personal experience, the shine didn’t come immediately but it may for you. Coconut oil is also one of the few oils that penetrates the hair shaft to the cortex because of its molecular structure, that’s why it moisturizes so well. Use Organic, Virgin etc. Any 100% unprocessed coconut oil.

  • shestudios


    Thanks for the post! Thank you for being so candid about your day. I know your post was from 2009…. We was in a recession then and now. So, I am so happy to hear that a sista got a JOB. LOL.
    I am in Tampa, FL, on a Saturday 2010, and I will be staying in to save some money.

    Go you AMAZON and pick up a larger size for a good price.

  • nikiandml

    I love ur hair.Iv been hearing alot about coconut oil an olive oil so ran out an got some, dont know what to do with it or how to use it ? help!

  • tallchick1986

    I agree about the Organix Coconut milk shampoo and conditioner…the bottles are too small….BUT! its a really really good product….

  • g4ready

    you may be able to get coconut oil cheaper at whole foods …

    but its good for massage and other other more GROWN applications as well.. you have to wash it out good with your normal conditioner because after a while you get a dusty kinda look.. down in the islands they use it on baby skin as well..

    coconut is super conditioner … if you smooth it in and let it soak for a while i think you will be surprised.. shiny, healthy, thicker, grow faster, smells nice..

  • biobioh

    good video but just to let you know real coconut oil is solid at room temperature
    and is solid white and kinda flaky texture anyways i only buy 100% organic coconut oil from the Solomon islands anyways its good stuff do your research guys real coconut oil is not liquid at room temp unless processed get the good stuff

  • Demipanacea

    honestly speaking i’v tried several brands of coconut oils and Parachute hair oil is the best cause its all natural.
    it makes the hair grow strong and lustrous, make your hair soft and shiny,
    telling it from experience, and its not too pricy.
    well the only downside of this product is it doesn’t smell all exotic,
    it smells just like coconut, so if you dont like coconuts then dont buy it.

  • vivecarocks

    Could I use coconut oil as a heat protector if I am flat ironing my hair?? I know that certain oils provide heat protection. Is a straightening spray necessary if I have coconut oil in my hair?

  • LatashaTrueHeart

    The beginning of this was amusing! Oh… I must say thank you to the gurus who REFRAIN FROM USING PROFANITY in their videos. I watched less than 1 min of another person’s tutorial, but she kept swearing. I have so much more respect for you for keeping it classy.

    I recently bought some pure coconut oil. I did a pre-poo & conditioner using the Kimmay (KimmayTube) method. I mixed the coconut oil with shea butter & jojoba oil. I used it from head to toe! I’m hoping for the softest hair ever!

  • earthlycolorbrown

    I live in Houston and it is not popping! I have been out twice since I have been here and so I am good.

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