Natural Hair: Crunchy Hair w/ coconut oil?!?

The science behind why hair can get crunchy when using coconut oil and other comegenic oils. From the Journal of Cosmetic Science: 2003 Mar/Apr 175-192 2001 169-184 fact check me baby twitter: facebook: next video: 1960’s hairtstyle and makeup and a hint of fashion see you then 🙂

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    12 thoughts on “Natural Hair: Crunchy Hair w/ coconut oil?!?

    • redeemedpryncess

      I am so glad I watched this! I was at the store today, thinking about trying it and then put it back on the shelf since I didn’t really know much about using it. Glad you added in that info about the cold climates ’cause it’s November in New England and definitely didn’t know it could solidify. Thanks.

    • janietheresa


    • AfroMohawkable

      Interesting, I love Coconut oil but I have to becareful using it, because I have seborrheic dermatitis, and since it is high in fat content it is fuel to the fire! So with my TWA, if I let it get to my scalp, all hell is going to break loose! This is most oils, but Coconut oil will take me to meet the devil!! lmaoo! & after 12yrs being natural, I am more attentive to my hair needs, and being patient until it grows out. (Oh wow you hair is lovely, I love those curls!)

    • JraiLuvChild

      Thanks for shedding light on this. I am protein sensitive, and that is why I cannot use coconut oil in my hair. I get that wayyyy toooo tough hair result. I wish I could though, it works great in a few of my friends’ hair. It is great for the body though. There are many who do not realize that too much protein can do this. I have used it though diluted with glycerin as a finishing spritz in warm weather, you are right, the sheen is great. Smile.

    • mirandabrazil2000

      You look great!!! Thank you for the information, my hair is relaxed but it was very very helpful for me too.

    • WhereYaBoss

      This was very informative. I use coconut oil as a pre-poo and on my skin (the areas prone to stretching). That’s it.

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