Natural Hair: Tips & Product Reviews Part I

This video documents my big chop (6-09-09) as well as the products that I had used or am using. I was truly frustrated with the transition and decided to do the BC. I’ve also introduced some ways to make your TWA look really cute.

9 thoughts on “Natural Hair: Tips & Product Reviews Part I

  • tymesava

    Congrats on your big chop!! I am big chopping July 1st. I have cut the relaxed ends off a section of hair in the back and have been trying different products to see what works for? me and figuring what styles I will do. Love the song in the background too. I enjoyed watching the products and accessories you showed. The barrettes were really cute! I am a long transitioner going on 15 mths tomorrow. God Bless you. I can’t wait to be “free” too!

  • CurlyHairDiva

    Good luck on your big chop! I cut out a section of hair too before? I chopped it. Lol I also wanted to see what would work on it.

  • SweetKheekz

    I truly understand how you feel in this vid. I’m 14 weeks post relaxer and was planning on doing the BC? October 5th. Right now I have a major case of the styling blues & don’t think I can hold out another 3 weeks. Anyway, the TWA looks good on you. Thanks for posting this video!

  • zippyspring

    I love your clips! I have the same pearl ones. I got them at Walmart and I bought one for? my friend as a part of her birthday gift. Your hair looks cute and your daughter is so adorable!

  • CurlyHairDiva

    Let me know when you do your BC. It will be exciting.? 🙂 I will post new vids soon so you all can see how much my hair has grown since this video. I did two more BCs since though. Let me know how your journey’s going.

  • prettybrowneyescutie

    your daughter is adorable. I kept laughing at her little hands? grabbing you hair accessories.

  • marwil8768

    Thanks for keeping it REAL! I’ve been natural for 9 months. True love yourself first and everything else? will follow. I can relate with everything you said especially about the “brothers”. Be strong my sistah.

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