25 thoughts on “Natural Hair: Victim of Coconut Oil !! Beware!!

  • camip00able

    do you realize that you have to wash the coconut oil out? coconut oil isnt like other oils, you need to wash it out after you leave it in over night, i usually use it put a plastic bag over it and leave it in over night and then the next morning i wash it out.

  • niquentae

    @Deptstate799 you are ignorant. just because she talks proper (like a real woman should do) you wanna say some stupid mess like that. just because you are ghetto doesn’t mean everybody else should be.

  • sabbirsa

    I am surprised that the user did not know that coconut oil is solid when you are in a cold environment. lol. when it becomes solid that does not mean that it has done sth bad to ones hair. Its like putting butter outside in room temperature. Its going to be softer than if you put it inside the freezer. lol anyways. Coconut oil is a miracle for hair and is actually the best oil for hair because of the type of fatty acid it has. No other oil has that. next to coconut oil would be the olive.

  • lovenewhair35

    Im just here to help coconut oil is suppose to be used as a conditioner not a actual oil it has to be used to deep condition then you wash it out if you just want shine and soft hair use argan oil which you can purchase at sally’s for 10 dollars any other 100% oil you can get at GNC I hope thus helps

  • olexia07

    lol I live in MN too, twin cities woo woo! lol.

    Anyway when it gets cold it becomes solid and white so keep it warm, when it’s warm it’s liquid. Also don’t use a whole lot lol. Since I find it too liquid and slippery for my hair I started using it when I deep condition and it leaves my hair feeling amazing

  • andycamoon

    i live in texas and have no problem putting coconut oil in my hair and wearing it out. i dnt wash it out ,outside of my normal hair routine. yup…just a climate thing

  • lillady2491

    wow lol… you put way too much oil in your hair i use coconut oil all the time and have no problem…coconut turns solid in cooler temp.

  • olexia07

    @gogobergie2000 Yep I wash it out after 30 minutes. I don’t really like it as an oil for my scalp but I know people that do use it as an oil for their scalp and they really like it.

  • temickab

    @lovenewhair35 I bought some coconut oil from a black hait store in east london. It says 100% pure coconut oil but there is 1 ingrediant that says zutaten… will that affect my hair in a negative way?

  • mawalls2001

    “It’s cold here, happens every year.” Haha, I thought that was funny. Anyway, good tip. I just used coconut oil for the first time last night and it’s warm here in CA. I never thought about what would happen in colder weather, but good to know since I’ll be going to MN around the holidays with my bf.

  • LisaLovesSummer

    why not cover your head when it’s cold? doesnt you body temp keep the oil when you wear a hat?

  • ReneeArnold

    lawd.. it must be pure hell living with u… u seem a lil too ditzy.. get out MN.. maybe that will help

  • ReneeArnold

    @NadegeP1 .. she seems ditsy like a white girl to me… like there is wind blowing between her ears.. but she is still all smiles, regardless of the lack of matter there.

  • Txshizzle

    @ReneeArnold hey now, no need to make a racial slur because this girl is uneducated in the use of her oils. If she had known anything about the oils shes using in her hair she would have known that coconut oil like several other oils solidifies above 76 degrees with most brands. Some it’s as high as 92 degrees. She simply needs to educate herself more on what oils to use. Had she mixed her coconut with shea, and for instance olive oil, or tea tree, even jojoba her hair wouldn’t have hardened

  • Queenie97

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 I have been enlightened cause I would not have thought of that happening ever so good to know XD I am glad nothing bad happened to your beautiful head of hair 😀

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