Natural Skin Care: Get rid of Acne (feat. African Black Soap and many more)

Thanks for watching 🙂 Any questions? Please ask! Products Mentioned: African Black Soap Oatmeal (Any plain brand will do) Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil FTC: All of the products mentioned were purchased by me, and none of the companies are compensating me. Links: Twitter: Facebook: E-mail:

25 thoughts on “Natural Skin Care: Get rid of Acne (feat. African Black Soap and many more)

  • margos231

    Hi Reader,

    I completely? understand what you mean. It’s difficult not to focus on acne when it is on your own skin, but remember that other people never see it as badly as you see it yourself. My site about acne treatment:


  • thekkl

    This? is a silly thing to be picky about but it’s not oatmeal if it’s not a meal, it’s just oats.

  • asif ali

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  • LilMsSunshine2009

    I love this? tutorial and they way you explain every thing is very informative. Will be adding these products to my skin care. Subscribed 🙂

  • SiferUno

    Im not? gay but I’ve never been tested like this before. Haha jk good tutorial

  • yupyup1562

    Wow, this is so not true. As a sufferer of severe acne for over 40 years I know. The worst are young people in school. The pointing, staring, laughing and comments behind the? back. Even as an adult, when talking to people and seeing how they are looking at the acne not at me. Passing people and they stare. The biggest proof of all is myself and close friends. I notice the acne on others and have said to myself, wow, that is really severe..etc. same with what friends have told me.

  • HijaDelMar6

    Hm! So oatmeal tea,? basically? Definitely gonna try it. Such a clever idea. 🙂

  • magiclosinghope

    Goodness i seriously love u! 🙂 i wish u were my bffflll! -3 hahaha oh add witch? hazel and aloe vera to this routine and itll be the most perfect skincare routine evaaaa :* mwuah

  • Lexi Holifield

    I have a question.. Maybe u have an answer? haha Doesn’t the coconut oil put more oil on your face or? clog your pores?

  • Raman chaudhary

    Very good vid! My best friend also had alot of acne but when i met her right after the holidays her skin was absolutely acne pimples free! she told me she used some sort of natural acne remedy called: Acne 404 Nuke i’m not? sure the site but just google it.

  • Danny Morrison

    do you have to use a toner ???? or can i just use that african soap and oats water and the coconut cream ?

  • Bryton Pineda

    Your skin looks amazing! I also use African Black Soap for my face everyday in the shower, and at night I use Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. I am on? Accutane right now (Until December or January). I am hoping I start seeing good permanent results soon. Have you tried just chopping off a slab of the soap and using it like a regular bar? Because thats what I do and I want to know if what you do is more effective. I guess I can try and find out myself. Great video 🙂

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  • Najla Anthony

    HAHA!!! this is awesome!! this is the most creative skincare video i have ever seen. especially when you whip? the stapler out

  • Wendie Hochheim

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