Natural Transition: Product Review

I wanted to do a product review on the Organix Coconut Milk conditioner, I dont use the shampoo. No particular reason though just dont. Also had wanted some recommendations on a few products. IT WAS 2AM SO I SAID THINGS A LIL WRONG PLEASE 4GIVE ME.Love, Peace, and Nappiness ladies!

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    One thought on “Natural Transition: Product Review

    • MsVcharles

      I really like this video. Its crazy how when transitioning you have to buy double product just to cater to the two textures of hair. I just bought some infusium 23 and its great on my natural hair (makes it all curly) but on my relaxed hair it just makes it feel stiff. Anyway, good luck sis and I cant wait to see you after your BC. God Bless! *Vee*

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