Naturally Sweetened Oat Cookies with coconut oil Vegan omikeyz

Who doesn’t feel hungry? well tell me what you do to not feel hungry. Anyway… I eat constantly and I thought I was healthy as until a recent blood test. It was a routine starved cholesterol test and they did blood glucose too. Thinking I was fit as a fiddle, doing the right things and having the odd chocolate bar during the week and at weekends… why not, I run 60k plus a week. I find my blood glucose is 5.1 Diabetes is 7.0 so my GP told me to cut down on the sugar. mmmm These look a bit like you know what and they taste a bit like cardboard or sawdust but hey, they are a little bit sweet and fill you up. low salt. A lot has been on the net about coconut oil being good for you. My cholesterol was perfect! so now to cut down on sugar. I make these from time to time.

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