Nature’s Way Coconut Oil-extra Virgin review

Full Review: Unlike the medical establishment, I have come to believe that fats in general are NOT harmful OR fattening! There are so many different types if fat, they should not all be lumped together. Avoid the long chain saturated fats (animal fats), but short chain saturated fats (like butter, palm, and coconut) are fine. I love cooking my morning eggs in this oil. They stick WAY less than cooked in butter or olive oil. Yes, it imparts a VERY MILD coconut taste to whatever you cook in it. I don’t mind, and have come to like it. It was different the first few times, tho. I also recommend you get an aluminum anodized (ceramic non-stick) pan. Yes, I know they still contain teflon…doesn’t bother me (the anodize coating is porous, and the pores are filled with teflon). The anodized aluminum is so much more durable you will love it! Satisfied customer…great product…great price…I’ll be buying regularly! Read more: