Newly Discovered Benefits of Coconut Oil – It Reverses Alzheimer’s & Dementia in Some People!!

See the latest information about taking coconut oil and it’s health benefits that have been recently discovered, in improving brain functions!! http://www.cb…

25 thoughts on “Newly Discovered Benefits of Coconut Oil – It Reverses Alzheimer’s & Dementia in Some People!!

  • joel10000a

    What’s wrong with microwaving coconut oil? Also do you know of a good brand? that is pressed and not refined, and reasonably priced? All of the pressed ones I have found are super expensive. Thanks!

  • saidy864

    @ joel10000a, Radiation from microwave will damage CO, if you must microwave then cover properly. I buy Carrington Farm Coconut Oil Unrefined? @ Costco for $15.00.

  • saidy864

    joel10000a Radiation from microwave, but if you must use microwave then please cocver properly. I buy Carrington Farm Unrefined? Coconut Oil @ Costco for $15.99 for a 54 oz jar good price.I also make my own CO too.I also use Coconut Oil to moisturizer my body.

  • joel10000a

    Do you also take it internally, as suggested in this video, and do you cook with it? and use it in foods? I know the smoke point for unrefined CO is much lower than refined. How do you make your own? I make my own Almond milk using a Soyajoy machine, and it works great!!

  • saidy864

    I cook, I do co for oil pulling, i take it internally, I use CO as hair grease, put CO in my smoothies, I make mine old fashion way I learned from mom with Heat on stove top, but it’s a process, but can be expensive to make @ home, dry CO is expensive, i don’t make it anymore since? i found Carrington Farms Brand. My girlfriend gave me a machine to make Soymilk but i never use it.

  • joel10000a

    I would imagine it’s a very labor intensive project to make your own coconut oil. It’s really very simple to make almond milk, which I like the taste of much better than soy milk. It takes only about 3 minutes to make it because it’s made cold and is not heated. It talks more time to filter it and clean up than it does to make it. If you have a soy milk maker, then it may work for almond milk too, if it has a cold? cycle. I will tell you my recipe if you want to know it.

  • joel10000a

    I just checked the price of the Carrington CO at their website, and the price you have is super good! It’s $29.99 on their? website, for the 54 oz jar. Where did you find it for that price? The only stores around here that sell it are Publix, and they don’t carry that larger size, just the smaller one, for around $10.00.

  • saidy864

    I agree with you on the cleaning up after making a healthy meal, juice,milk is a pain in the neck. I was going to check the soy machine? today but it’s too cold. I have a Vita Mix and it gives Almond Milk recipe so i’ll be fine thank you.

  • joel10000a

    Thanks for the tip about the Vitamix. I don’t have a Vitamix, but I have a similar high powered blender, which should work fine. I was able to find that almond milk recipe on the Vitamix website. So thatnks again? – I’m going to try it and compare the milk made by the blender and the SoyaJoy machines.

  • joel10000a

    Here’s a tip for you. I found a tip on the internet for filtering the almond and soy milk after producing it by using a paint? strainer bag. I first filter either soy or almond milk through a stainless steel strainer to remove the large solids that remain, and then I run it though a paint strainer bag, which can be purchased at any paint store or at Lowes or Home Depot.

  • joel10000a

    The paint strainer bag does a great job at removing the really fine solids that are left. It won’t get them all, but it gets a lot that get through the very fine particle stainless steel strainer that came with my SoyaJoy machine. The bags are made of nylon or something similar, so you can wash them and use them over and over. Make sure you get the ones that have the elastic band around the top rather than ones with? a draw string. They come 2 to a pack and the 2-pack only costs around $2.00.

  • TheBestMovieAlive

    Mix coconut oil with coffee every morning and you will see MAJOR improvements in all aspects? of your health.

  • atradies007

    This is great news ! However, one tip. NEVER? EVER microwave Coconut oil. Doing so kills the good enzymes !

  • Christopher Morris

    Hey Laurie, great story. Just one little thing, though….lose the microwave. Microwaving anything changes its molecular structure, that’s why it heats up. You are consuming something that is no longer as nature intended iot to be. It would be far better to simply take an extra moment to warm your coconut oil on the stove or in a container of hot? water.

  • joel10000a

    Where and what? is your evidence to support your claims? All a microwave does is to excite the water molecules in the material being heated, thus causing the temperature of the material to increase.

  • doofstar57

    YES! We started to give coconut oil to my mother who had very advanced demetia (she could not even speak anymore) a month ago. Within days there was a noticable difference. After a week, she began to be aware of herself again and was starting to communicate again. It was her 86th birthday yesterday, and she helped cook her dinner! Only? by grating the carrots, but a few weeks ago she didnt even know what a carrot was! It is almost miraculous! Please try this, we have got our mum back.

  • StarFire Alternity

    I wouldn’t microwave it, microwaves kill all nutrients in food , I threw out my microwave ages ago , and lots of folk I? know , actually followed suit and KILLED their microwave ovens also , on googling the the NASTIES of microwaves

    Turn On your brain, turn off your TV set forever and learn on the internet ,CURES ONLY treatment WILL NOT DO , nor will no coverage on Main Stream Media ,Im amazed this info is on TV , about time they told SOME truth

  • Mike Breler

    Keytone Ester funding problems? Well of course. The gatekeepers for government funding are in the pockets of pharma and the AMA both of whom want to keep their cash cow diseases around to treat. Thats why nutritional, herbal and? supplemental treatment is always being squelched in any way possible in the US and Canada.

  • mistresspav

    exactly, buy a rich fat that will be great for you BUT make sure to nuke it before..really, how can this people be allowed to give any health advice at all??
    also make sure to get cold? pressed unrefined coconut oil otherwise it defeats the purpose

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