Oil & Butter Series: Coconut Oil – (Hair,Cooking, Supplement, Skin, & Nails)

In this video I discuss the uses of coconut Oil. This is very important for people who are thinking of different ways to moisturize their skin

12 thoughts on “Oil & Butter Series: Coconut Oil – (Hair,Cooking, Supplement, Skin, & Nails)

  • MsChanteJ72

    I have that same brand!! Hands down my? favorite oil! I just noticed the expiration date on the bottom. . .it last for a pretty long time.

  • eciptak

    I found coconut oil in a spray can. It was meant for cooking, but I use? it in my hair. The fine spray really saturates my hair quickly. You should try it out and do a vid!!!

  • olayinka149

    Try Inecto’s Pure Coconut shampoo and? conditioner for soft hair, can be bought on Amazon

  • NewMomYearnsForStyle

    thank you so much for this video! i’m a hairdresser who’s currently out of work so i can raise my 2 year old daughter, but i miss doing hair and talking about hair, so i was considering making my own videos to pass the time. when thinking of a subject that i haven’t seen done to death on you tube, i had an idea to do a series on white women using black hair products. but like most white women, i don’t know that much about the subject. your video was so helpful! i’m? going to buy coconut oil asap!

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