Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil – Natural & Safe Teeth Whitening

WhiteningTeethSecrets.com Coconut Oil: www.amazon.com Get some organic coconut oil and take a spoonful and swish it around your mouth for about 15-20 minutes. When done spit out and rinse your mouth with water. This “oil pulling” is a natural method to remove stains, oils and toxins from your teeth. It cleanse, polishes and whitens your teeth at the same time! I highly recommend it along with the many other Whitening Teeth Secrets methods from the e-course. Please favorite, like, comment and share this video! David King

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    8 thoughts on “Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil – Natural & Safe Teeth Whitening

    • WhiteningTeethSecret

      @kathic Hey, sorry… I forgot to add the link to the description but I just added it to the description… you can click to visit and get the coconut oil that I recommend.

    • WhiteningTeethSecret

      @wheelori814 That’s okay, it doesn’t make a difference. You will be pulling oil from your teeth still.

    • WhiteningTeethSecret

      @biggirlzneedlove2 Yep, just use food grade hydrogen peroxide and make sure to dilute it the first time so that it’s not too harsh on your teeth and gums… I explain all of this along with many other at home teeth whitening treatments in the whitening teeth secrets e-course.

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