Organic Coconut Oil for Hair, Skin & Eczema – Organic Blood – Tiffany Janay and Malik Zakee of Organic Blood use Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil for hair and skin. They used to use non-organic oils with chemicals, and those would dry out in a couple hours. Coconut oil works all day and infuses hair and skin with moisture and nutrients. Coconut oil also worked to eliminate Malik’s daughter’s eczema. More at

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    7 thoughts on “Organic Coconut Oil for Hair, Skin & Eczema – Organic Blood

    • DebriahPatterson

      His skin looks GREAT!!!! WOW! My husband needs some of that coconut oil on his hands! I will check this out.

    • lovece7

      Beautiful couple! I wanted to know, your skin looks shiny, but does it feel greasy. Like is there a greasy residue?

    • nutiva

      @lovece7 Hi, you’ll only break out if you have an allergy to coconuts. It’s not greasy, but it will definitely feel more oily at first than other skin creams. Once you rub it into your skin, the oiliness goes away. What’s cool about coconut oil on your skin, is that you don’t go reaching for more every hour, like often happens with skin cream. That stuff actually DRIES your skin out. No good.

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