organix hair products?

okay…so i would like to buy some hair products without buildup or coatings in them, i would like my hair to be soft and silky at least once in my life, yes i am desperate. until i discovered this product and looked at the ingredients in them online. it had so many oils ex. almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil. i saw so many in them i thought this was worth a try. i just want to see your reviews on it. BY THE WAY, i have black-fine-thickish-asian hair

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    One thought on “organix hair products?

    • Phelpsfan

      organix hair products work well and smell really good. they have three different types which are shea butter,vanilla silk, and coconut i believe. they do leave hair feeling soft and silky, and the good things is that both the shampoo and conditioner doesnt have sulfates in it (which are known to dry out hair) so yes i would get this stuff! works great

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