Ouidad Curl Co-Wash Review +Comparison to AS I AM Coconut Cowash

Hi Guys! Please expand the box for more information…. NOTE: This is a product review stating my opinions about the Ouidad Curl Co-Wash. I will be comparing the Curl Co-wash to the AS I AM Coconut Cowash (My Staple Co-wash Conditioner). As always please use your own judgement when purchasing or trying products. 🙂 Pros Here is my take and final thoughts on the Ouidad Curl Cowash. I really like this product a lot, I feel that it is very moisturizing to my hair and it has great slip. This product cleaned my hair and scalp without stripping my hair. It also smells really nice. One of the main things that really stood out to me, when it came to this product is the fact that has a nice pump to dispense the product. It isn’t messy at all, which is great when you are using it in the shower. Cons The price- I feel that this product is very expensive and I can find a product that is much cheaper and can do the same job. Retail price: for 16oz If you are interested in purchasing the Ouidad Curl Cowash please go to:www.ouidad.com Or you can purchase this product from you local salon that carries Ouidad products. I hope this review is helpful! The As I am Coconut Cowash retails for for 160z. at Sally Beauty Supply Hair Two Strand Twist-Out Next Week: Flaxseed Gel Twistout Tutorial Sunday October 21st at 8AM EST Camera Canon t3i Video Editing Software Final Cut Pro x Song: I Miss You-Loveshadow

24 thoughts on “Ouidad Curl Co-Wash Review +Comparison to AS I AM Coconut Cowash

  • HerCrown HerGlory

    Okay Ma’am, I hear ya! You keep ’em coming back every week now as you let us know of the videos/tutorials to come (brilliant). And since I’ve been doing the CG method, I haven’t seen a video or tutorial yet that can touch you Miss Lady. What more can I say but… you’re doing an excellent job! Go? ‘head “stuff” LOL!!!

  • atinob43

    Very nicely done. Your videos are so professional and pleasant to watch. You are pretty and your hair is incredibly? lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  • rrouson

    Thanks so much for the honest review. I have the As I am and might consider buying the Quidad product but its not going to fit in my budget yet. I might try it at a later date. Looking forward to your two stand? twist video so see you soon! God bless =D

  • MzLashawn1

    Thanks for? the honest review Jess. I love my As I Am Coconut Co-wash as well, just wish they would change their packaging to accomadate ease of use. The Quidad prices is a little steep for my pocket book also, and I guess I won’t be trying it no time soon. BeBlessed:)

  • MizCherylsWorld

    Thank you for this review. On another note, I am so happy that you are doing a flaxseed gel twistout tutorial! I love flaxseed gel and look forward to seeing the? results on your hair compared to the Ecostyler gel.

  • Maria Washington

    Everyone? is a critic!!! But, I think you did a great job!!! I’m with you… I love As I Am as well.

  • Fatima0504

    I wonder why people think it’s ok to be critical of a vlogger putting out videos on her own time. You’re not paying her… she can post whatever kind of review/comparison she wants. If people? feel differently they should do their own videos!

    Anyway, thanks I found it very helpful 🙂

  • brown eyez

    Love your hair and your review! you listed the pros and cons that was very thoughtful not done a lot and you took the time out to comparison shop for us that was very thoughtful, again thank you for your time and? patience it is greatly appreciated.

  • NaturallyHorseGrl121

    can’t wait til’next? week! I’ve been wanting to make flaxseed gel for about a month now. Loved the review. God bless!

  • twilliams9259

    can you recommend any good deep conditioners? I am looking for something that is really moisturizing and gives good slip. And it curly girl approved? 😉

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