Palmers coconut oil deep conditioning pack…help!

Tell me more about this if u know anything plz and I will do a review and I plan to pick up another. 1.47$ ALSO comment let me know if you all like the quickie vids. i think im going to do more of t

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    8 thoughts on “Palmers coconut oil deep conditioning pack…help!

    • danie2129

      i bought this too. i am goint to try it today. i bought an additional pack for after i retouch my color. let me know how it works for you.

    • deejadore

      Hi i looooove this deep conditioner.. i actually brought 4 last time i went to walmart. I wash my hair every two weeks so i use this after i wash. I have really curly hair so deep conditioning is good for me.. it says to use every week but like i said i use it every two weeks. After I wash my hair I use the entire packet (my hair is thick curly) then I put a plastic cap on and leave it on for an hour (although the packet says 10-20 minutes). But I really like it and it makes my hair smell good.

    • longhairdntcare08

      @deejadore thanks so much for the info! 🙂 and i think ima try it your way after i get my relaxer and i’ll do a review. and i always deep condition for at least 45 mins to an hour they work better that way. again thanks hun. keep intouch!

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