25 thoughts on “Parachute Coconut Oil for hair (BEST!)

  • TheSassydreamer

    my parachut coconut oil smells like bacon grease :/. could it just be the place i ordered it from??

  • lit26

    It does have a weird bacon grease smell to it. Its still good but if the color of it is not clear I would buy it from another site? or from an indian store in your area.

  • cvbabygurl1

    I LOVE PARACHUTE coconut oil!!! I use? it on my hair every night and it’s just amazing and yes it does make it shiny. It’s absolutely the best oil ever and like with other coconut oil it’s good for the skin as well. when you put it on it smells great but a day or 2 after it does smell a lil weird but all you have to do is apply some more and it’ll go away. It’s a small price to pay to gorgeous hair 😀

  • VivaLaVintage AK

    Wow, thanks for the video I? never knew how good it was, I see it everywhere here in Saudi..

  • bangalibarbie

    i can say of all the million hair products i have that parachute is the best hair treatment ever. its even better than other coconut oils, this one also smells amazingggggggg like bounty chocolate. i use? this as much as i get the chance to and sleep overnight with it. i still have hair left with all the damage i cause cuz of this product. its sold everywhere in mtl at the indian stores and its super cheap. a product every girl must own!!

  • lit26

    A little but its noot oily as vaseline or castor oil. It turns into water based when? used with water…if that makes sense

  • deepakdavid90

    I m 22 guy and my hair have become thin nd lossing? my hair
    hope that it will give me best result….
    give me directions to use

  • lit26

    use it when you hair is wet because oil penetrates that hair strands better when hair is wet and start using mane and tail shampoo and conditioner asap? 🙂

  • sexyguttachick89

    I agree its a really good oil but its not pure…unrefined pure coconut oil becomes solid at room temperature…this one stays a liquid no matter the temp. Meaning? it was modified in some way.

  • lit26

    It is pure. I got it from an Indian store and this? is imported form India. It solidifies when cold and melts when in warm temperatures. If your parachute coconut oil melts when in cold temps then the person you bought it from sold you something other parachute? coconut oil.

  • sexyguttachick89

    Purchased from amazon…not sure if they got different versions of the product, but mines never? get solid.

  • airatak

    it depends if you live in a warm or cold climate, I’ve been using parachute my entire life and i can definitely attest that it is solid sometimes and very? liquid at other times

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