Pasture-Raised Burgers w/ Coconut Oil & Other Stuff!

Grass-Fed Beef available at Cookbook available at http Watch Sean and Quentin cook up some pasture-fed ground beef burgers! These are not your ordinary burgers, Sean uses coconut oil and tops them with raisins for some extra sweetness. The coconut oil made the Underground Wellness kitchen smell like a tropical paradise! Sean likes to say he can’t cook but this is one recipe he nailed. Check out our websites! UW – Tweet Sean – http FB Sean –

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    25 thoughts on “Pasture-Raised Burgers w/ Coconut Oil & Other Stuff!

    • navygf86

      But not alot of people know that!!! When they are on low fat diets they are horrified to see 10grams fat in the plain unsalted nuts or the fat in coconut oil…they run!! Yet they don’t understand that you need ‘good’ fats as you stated for weight loss!

    • SHYx999

      Sean Shaved his Frasier Cranium . Them blackguns is huge dude. .
      I Love coconut oil for meats . If it were me , i’d have mushed the raisins Into the burger and some oil too .

    • SHYx999

      @awaken69 really? I thought ovens were sprayed with high heat enamel or ceramics .

      A quick google of “teflon , birds” will educate . Of course Dupont ,the creators of Teflon , paid to get the first google spot =D. We all know the historic use of the Canary in the Coal-mine to warm human of toxic gas. This is info that should be heeded .

    • NoogLeader

      @ReneeArnold I heard about it first myself on The show The Young Turks. I looked into it and found out it is true. I was totally flabergasted. I figured that someone might look into the High Fructose Corn Syrup Name change to Corn Sugar. It is bull shit. The idea is to hide the Corn Syrup in things from people that are now looking for them because it is starting to hurt the Corn Syrup industry.

    • lollingbowling

      I really dont know who that girl is but she is foxy. I love your cooking videos but where is your hair? Wait a minute i will look at your video you made in a day ago…Honestly your burgers with avocado looks fantastic and healthy!

    • xXGnetiksXx

      WAD UP!? SHAUN!!

      I just made this recipe, and it is delicious!! the avocado really brings out the flavor of the meat and the raisins give it a sweet after taste.The only thing i did differently (because im bulking) is that i put mozzarella cheese in the meat when i was making it into patties..

      Awsome recipe… KEEP EM COMING!!!

    • ReneeArnold

      @NoogLeader .. they are really trying to get ahead of the ‘message’…. I just say an advertisement here on youtube sending folks to sweetscam or sugarscam com ….. It’s a shame most ppl will believe what they say.

    • NoogLeader

      @ReneeArnold No doubt. They will wait for “The Biggest Loser” To tell them what to do. Like they have a patent truth that nobody else knows. They just tell them to cut out soda pop and excersise and most of those people begin to lose weight. Eating Healthy and cutting out all the carry out fast food works too. Hauling 200 extra pounds around has to be a terrible burden until it burns off.

    • rich2810

      (Like the bald head better) I just started watching your videos (thanks, Ralph for sharing!), and I went out and bought some organic, virgin coconut oil to try. I’ve been using it on my face (only 2 days so far) as a moisturizer and scrambled an egg this morning with it. It was DELICIOUS! I was shocked. And there’s something about that coconut oil that gets me to tingling all over. Is that the thermogenic effect? Whatever it is, it feels good!

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