Perfect Primal Gluten Free Pizza Crust

4 eggs 1/2 cup of coconut milk (or full fat milk) 1/3 cup coconut flour 1/3 cup flax meal Add any spices or flavors you’d like to get a tasty crust. You can also cut the crust in strips and use as breadsticks. I personally add: 1 tbsp oregano 1 tbsp basil garlic powder (i don’t measure, i just add til i think its awesome) Its also at Although I tend to curse like a sailor so be careful when you look around.

23 thoughts on “Perfect Primal Gluten Free Pizza Crust

  • KajiofFire

    I’ve been using my coffee grinder. Works like a charm, but you can only do about a half cup at? a time.

  • tavious2

    Omega 3’s are not meant to be cooked. Luckily I didn’t cook omega 3’s. I cooked flax meal. Omega 3 oils by themselves are? definitely not meant to be cooked. However I have read enough and found enough good information about baking with foods that contain omega 3’s rather than the stripped down oils.

  • Melissa Jump

    Awesome! I was just going to ask about subsitued coconut flour for almond flour. Great? to know it turned out (:

  • 4ndrue


    It has a small bit of coconut flavor, but nothing overwhelming. It mostly has a bready texture and the flavor is really whatever toppings you? use.

  • Ana Wilmot

    I’m not sure what went wrong with my crust but it doesn’t look anything like this. I’m going to play with? the recipe a bit.

  • TheMonkeyDidIt

    Eyeball it til it reaches full on awesomenes…this crust is a win!? Thanks so much for sharing…keep ’em coming please

  • Samuel Khasin

    This is the best primal crust out there. Just for the record, the flax can be replaced by an equivalent amount? of almond flour, and the drinking-type coconut milk can be replaced with the canned variety usually used for cooking.

  • Samuel Khasin

    I have a friend that HATES coconut. Being primal, I use coconut products A LOT. He generally tastes coconut even when I think it’s barely noticeable. He’s had this pizza, complete with coconut flour and milk, he knew it had coconut in it,? and he couldn’t taste it. I think by the time you add? herbs and spices to the crust, tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings, the coconut just isn’t noticeable any more.

  • TheWBWoman

    Thanks! This receipe turned out very good in my opinion.? (I didn’t have the flax seed powder so had to replace with tapioca flour which worked fine.)

  • ChaCha Smith

    Hi, I made this recipe? today and my mixture was not runny at all. It was like a dough. I converted your measurements into metric (I’m in the UK), so 1/3 cup was 78 grams and 1/2 cup was 118ml. It came out fine, I didn’t use it as a pizza crust, I used it on its own as a heavy bread to dip into soup. It was very filling, thanks for sharing it with us all.

  • Justus Ranvier

    I like the flavor but I can never get a good texture with this recipe. My crusts always come out? being soft and flexible instead of firm enough to support their own weight.

  • Samuel Khasin

    Thanks a lot man, this recipe is awesome. I’ve had it a few times before and? am eating one right now. I always substitute 1/3 cup of almond flour instead of the flax. Seems to work perfectly. Thanks again, I love this recipe!

  • remyevil69

    I tried to make this. It tastes too much? like eggs; pancakes with pizza toppings on it to be more honest. How can I make this more appetizing?

  • sassygirl2255883

    Omg thanks so much for this vid!!!! Im a vegetarian & im converting? to vegetarian/paleo & this pizza crust recipe is PERFECT i can wait to make it!

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