Power Up Your Brain with Coconut Oil and Turmeric www.ahealthguideforyou.com

Turmeric or more specifically Curcumin the active ingredient in turmeric used as a spice in Indian cuisine for 1000’s of years has been praised for many mind and body health benefits. Craig Renaud and Jeff Hamelin from www.ahealthguideforyou.com show you how to take this powerfull stuff down.

12 thoughts on “Power Up Your Brain with Coconut Oil and Turmeric www.ahealthguideforyou.com

  • Bill Jacobson

    You will have much better absorbtion of the curcuminoids in the tumeric if you disolve the tumeric into the? coconut oil or better yet coconut milk and then drink it by adding the coconut milk to hot water to make a tea like drink.

  • pritipea

    Great video, love the humour! I make a turmeric herbal tea, 1/2? of turmeric and 1/2 ground black pepper. The components of black pepper (piperine) assists curcumin to absorb better and the benefits of turmeric are greatly received. Also google turmeric and black pepper. Hope this helps 🙂

  • MrL0cky

    tumeric is fat soluble but black pepper or beter black pepper extract (pipperine increase biovitality of the tumeric ?

  • cdrollout

    The ending was hilarious. Thanks for the info. I mix a scoop of tumeric with my psyllium husk everyday preceded by a scoop? of coconut oil which i chase with the tumeric/psyllium mixture. Good stuff…

  • Bluell Noel

    So so funny! You two are delightful.
    I love? coconut oil stirred into coffee and tea. It ends up floating on top and every sip leaves my lips feeling luxurious. Will have find a way to take tumeric, straight up just isn’t my way.

  • CoolMoonlitdew

    Growing turmeric is very easy, I highly recommend it so you can have a? life time forever supply of it without constantly having to pay for it.

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