Preference from the honest kitchen/reviews/your thoughts?

n. Choice, Desire, Option, Selection.

Just add meat! The easiest way to make homemade dog food, Preference is a grain-free foundation diet, to which meat must be added with every feeding. The beauty of Preference is that you can add whichever meat you would like, so it’s an excellent option for dogs that can’t tolerate more common protein sources or who just like a little variety.
Do you already cook your own homemade dog food or grind your own raw veggies? Use Preference as an easy, convenient, grain-free base for your own dog food recipe!

Alfalfa, sweet potatoes, cabbage, celery, apples, spinach, organic kelp, coconut, bananas, zucchini, and honey.

Suitable For

Preference can be fed to dogs of all ages including pups and seniors.
Use Preference as a base, mixed with your own choice of meat, fish or other protein.

I currently feed EVO red meat, but I want to rotate with cooked meat and this product. Do you use this, and do you/dogs like it?
It is not an ad. I put the ingredients there for people to read and review, so they can give me an informed review.
And I reported you for not giving an answer just a rude remark.

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    One thought on “Preference from the honest kitchen/reviews/your thoughts?

    • Tony'sJeanius

      Providing that your post is genuine.
      I have a problem with :
      sweet potato, cabbage, coconut and honey.
      (I want to control the amount of honey I feed)
      also, I want to control the amount of spinach.

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