Product Rave – Organic Coconut Oil

I’m LOVING this coconut oil for all purposes. I use it to moisturise my body, face and hair. It’s a great cuticle oil and as massage oil! Go get yourself some coconut oil – you won’t regret it 🙂

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    19 thoughts on “Product Rave – Organic Coconut Oil

    • dustyohunter

      Love this stuff! You’re the second person I watch on YouTube who’s done a review on organic coconut oil in the past month 🙂 I have used it for awhile now? for EVERYTHING! Hair, body, face, hands – It makes a great eye makeup remover too!

    • Misspeachycheeks

      @dustyohunter – How funny 🙂 I just saw this in my local? grocery store and thought I’d try it out… I’m definitely going to try it as a make up remover! thanks for the tip 🙂

    • h4239gjdp

      Okay, jeg så lige din video færdig og så nævnte du selv at du var dansker. Så der har jeg svaret på mit? eget spørgsmål 😛

    • kalm5369

      It’s called the munchies. As in ‘I smoked some herb and I? got the munchies.’ Thanks for the review!!

    • Misspeachycheeks

      @82Betsy – thank you for that sweet compliment! You totally? made my day 🙂

    • mexifaith

      Girl you have beautiful skin! Have you ever broken out using it? I have? some but, I never have put it on my face 🙂

    • Misspeachycheeks

      @mexifaith – thanks 🙂 I’ve never broken out from? the oil, but I have very dry skin. I would be careful to use it on more oily’er skin types… xoxo

    • bLuebhErie

      ur skin looks really nice!
      i’m really going to buy this tomorrow! i did alooot of research? on this, thanks for the video! 😀

    • Misspeachycheeks

      @sarajery8 – you can do it either way, but it tends to get? more greasy in dry hair!

    • petrapetra2002

      Great video.I have the same feelings for coconut oil :-).but you forgot to mention the coconut oil have to be raw or cold pressed also.some are processed by heating and lose the properties.I used just coconut oil on my skin long time and I had great results,even my age spots I melted and mixed together : coconut oil,shea butter,and cocoa butter with jojoba oil,and I use this mixture on? my face ,body and hair.shea butter seals the moisture in your skin.

    • petrapetra2002

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      sorry for such a long message .A nice day to everybody xxxxxxxx

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