Product Review ?Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil + GIVEAWAY (Closed)

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10 thoughts on “Product Review ?Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil + GIVEAWAY (Closed)

  • Teresa Wooten

    ok is that the 1 for? hair? Cause I found out today that I just ordered that wrong stuff I got the Gold Label and its not for hair I guess the other Gold Label is for hair and it will say that on there. from my understanding it has Protein in it.

  • jessikab21

    I believe your right.. there is a separate one that says its? specifically for hair with protein in it but this one is just the regular coconut oil that you could also use for cooking. It still works great so dont worry if this is the one you ordered.

  • Teresa Wooten

    shew……… Thank God that is a relief!!!! you are pretty BTW!!! thanks 1c again and I am using? it as a preepoo right now and it is awesome

  • Aneesa Lewis

    My fave beauty product is a toss up between coconut oil and shea butter. Both can be used in so many ways which is why I love them!?

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