15 thoughts on “Product Review: As I Am Naturally Coconut Co-Wash

  • LuvsHairAlot2011

    Have you purchased any of? the other As I am products? Curious? I recently purchased the Double Butter by As I am it I am loving it, wondering if you have tried anything else.

  • MsNaturalTouch

    @LuvsHairAlot2011 I? have tried their leave-in and it is very nice. I also have their smoothing gel, but I haven’t tried it yet. Currently their line is available at Sally’s, which is great! What items do you like from their line? I was wondering about their Double Butter, and hopefully Sally’s will have a sale on these products since they’re new to the store.

  • Chloe Coleman

    I cowash? everyday and wondering if this is safe to use everyday because it cleanses would that dry out my hair?

  • MsNaturalTouch

    @inaynaycoleman You might want to use a shampoo once a month just to make sure your hair is cleansed depending on what type of products you use (in? relation to build up). If your hair forms a bad reaction to excessive co-washing you can change from everyday (co-washing) to 3 times a week. It all depends on how your hair reacts and if the strands become too elastic or brittle. I hope this helps, and have a blessed day!

  • nikkirae belanger

    besides this product what others do you use. i love how your hair looks healthy and moisturized. what is your? hair care regime….

    fyi…this line is in walgreens as well

  • MsNaturalTouch

    @daricklilleygirl Thank you for watching & for that information! Since it’s the summer my regimen is very simple. I co-wash (Shea Moisture Balancing Conditioner or purification masque) or shampoo (Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Shampoo) depending on my hair. My leave-in of choice is Koils by nature (I seal my ends with jojoba oil) and I usually slick my hair into a ponytail,? wear a wash-n-go, or banana clip using Blue Ecostyler. I hope that helps; Be Blessed!

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