Product Review: Califia Styling Pudding by Komaza Care

I decided to get this in order to make use of Komaza’s recent 15% off sale (yep, got my products already!) last week. I was thinking of reordering the Coconut Hair Pudding, but after talking to the owner of Komaza, I listened to her and got this one. I’m definitely glad I did! Pardon my crazy talk in the video…it’s been a long day! Yes, collagen is a protein and I’m not sure if her name is pronounced like that…sigh. Check out the site at For more pics of my hair with the Califia Pudding visit! Thanks for watching!

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    4 thoughts on “Product Review: Califia Styling Pudding by Komaza Care

    • Vanurse09

      I’ve tried Komaza care product in the past they have great products. I love the fact that their website gives you a lot of education on nature hair care.

    • FrontLaceLady

      I totally wished I had ordered this prod during the sale… Oh well hopefully I can order whenever she has her next sale. I really love th califia line I ordered the whole line, but the moisturizer cream is on backorder… Great review 🙂

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