Product Review: Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Hair Cream

This product has a very light coconut smell. I could not find any info at the Cantu website but you can find this at Walgreens store…

20 thoughts on “Product Review: Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Hair Cream

  • bilan618

    I wanted to ask you Ebony. What is a good grease that I can buy on the
    ground? I’m not able to buy anything online right now?

  • tt21292

    i bought that and i haven’t had to re-moisturize with anything but a spritz
    of water and my hair is so soft! and i put a bit on my ends and my hair
    came out super moisturized

  • kylahsmom1

    lawd! cantu has a curling cream…I think pretty soon all the lines will
    have curling creams..about time!!! when I went natural I really could only
    find things online my area there was nothing!! nothing!! ..thanks for

  • MakeupVixen

    Yum, your hair is looking so soft! For some odd reason all I remember is
    some controversy with this stuff about not putting it on your scalp. But I
    didn’t care, I used it anyway. I use to love the smell.

  • leoraot

    Great review. That’s has been the best review I’ve watched on YouTube and
    I’ve watched hundreds of them. You are awesome (BTW, I never use the word
    awesome, but it was so good that I had to make an exception)

  • Victoria Bordain

    Thx sweetie for the review! I was waiting for someone 2 do a review on the
    new cantu natural ! Your hair looked great so I just might try it!

  • atlmiss08

    hahaa! “Calm your nuts”!! I LOVE your personality and candid nature! Very
    refreshing, and the review is on point. I cannot wait to try it!

  • Eboni Shani

    Thank you sis, I use the word awesome a lot but I also live in cali so I
    don’t have a choice lol

  • LadyASolveg

    thanks for this i didn’t know they had this product. I already use the
    cantu shea butter leaving in. I’ve never used curling butters but i’ll give
    this one a go soon

  • Chantal G

    Mineral oil is a byproduct of petrolatum so their properties are very
    similar. I think they are mincing words on the label so it worries me a
    little bit.

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