19 thoughts on “Product Review | Chocolate Protein Bars

  • burnman96

    lmao!! VERY brave taste testing a product for the first time on the tube. LOVE IT!!
    Say if you can handle sugar alcohol, check out Russel Stover’s sugar free breakfast bars. Not much protein, but very rich in vitamines. I like them, but to me, they burn a bit going down.

  • slcinoz

    oh I just tried the think thin too. I didn’t see Taunia’s video. I can’t remember the flavor I tried..it was brownie or something. I didn’t love it but I’m not a bar person. Thanks for the reviews..Shan

  • Fabydee

    Thanks for the info, it is very helpful & keeps us from waisting money on things we would end up not eating. :)Fab

  • Seedcovers

    I will look for the Pria! and the slimfast never heard of it. I am glad it is very low in carbs

  • rosewolfe48

    hi Bratlee2u
    thanks for the review I stand at Walmart and just look and look at the protein bars because I am hungery for chocolate..and never buy one because they cost so much. I can buy a dozen eggs for the same price with so much more nutrition in them (B12ect_)LOL..but I still look at those stupid bars b/c I want candy…

  • bratlee2u

    If you want chocolate – buy Hershey’s sugar free candies. I put them in the freezer so when I have a chocolate attack I grab one and it satisfies my craving and they are cheap.

  • bratlee2u

    Thanks for the warning on the brownie. I thought maybe I would like those since I love brownies.

  • bratlee2u

    Yeah, I need to watch how many SA I consume. One sf candy is fine.I get into trouble when I eat a half a bag of sf jolly ranchers while at work. OMG! Not a good day.

  • Seedcovers

    I went to kroger last night, they did not have the Pria or the slimfast short little bars. i will try another Kroger.

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