Product Review – Coconut Oil

So I’ve been excited to do this product review for coconut oil for some time now. Well the time has come, and I give you my take on it. I also backtrack and give another spill about the olive oil that I tried last week. I ended up trying it a few different ways (as promised). Check out my new take on it. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @eSalonSpace & @ImTangledinLove. PS – If you like us, spread the word. We appreciate it!

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    4 thoughts on “Product Review – Coconut Oil

    • MakeupByTati

      I use cocnut oil on my hair and it feels great that? way. I also put in on my skin and it is AMAZING and I like it alot more for skin then hair.

    • MsMelDC

      If you use it in warm liquid form, it’s not heavy at all. You may be using 2 much out if the jar. Put some in a small bottle & warm in warm water. Not heavy at all!!! I use it daily? and still have lits of body. Little goes a long way

    • MsNYCityGirl

      @MsMeIDC? I agree. I have the same hair texture and once I warm the oil it is very light…lighter than olive oil. I also use it for my skin.

    • MsAlston2011

      @MsMeIDC I agree. I don’t usually put anything in my hair after I deep condition and flat iron because I don’t like a lot of product. I like my hair to move. A small amount of this goes a long way! I deep condition with it mostly and I don’t ever completely wash it out. When I flat iron, I notice it’s still a? small amount in my hair, but not enough to weigh it down. My hair is still very lightweight and blows in the wind.

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