Product Review: Donna Mac (TheMakeupVirgin)

This is a product review of Donna Mac’s natural hair line. Youtube name: TheMakeupVirgin Website: Juicy Creamy Styling Gel- 4 oz jar; From the website…. “This is a rich creamy styling gel that can be used to achieve a wet and go style, braid outs, twist outs, and bantu knot outs. You may also use as a styling cream for Flexi rod sets, Loop rod sets, and Curlformer sets.This Creamy Gel is full of great ingreients; shea butter, oilve oil, carrot seed extrace, rosemary extract, and himp seed oil are a few of the great oils and butter contained in this gel.” Herbal Infused Butters- 4 oz jar; From the website… “This wonderful blend of butters and oils is infused with herbs that promote healthy hair and scalp. Use to seal in moisture after shampooing. Use in combination with the Moisturizing Hair Milk for soft, lusterous manageable hair. May be used on wet or dry hair. 4 oz Great for locs, twists, cornrows, and braids! May be used on all hair types, natural and relaxed!” Ingredients shea butter, mango butter, aloe butter, kokum butter, coconut oil, olive oil, nettle, gingko, rosemary, horsetail, peppermint, hip seed oil, vitamin e ***Disclaimer*** I am in no way affiliated with the companies or music mentioned in this video. I purchased the products myself. I am not getting paid to do videos. This is a hobby. Enjoy! Thanks for watching! ~LadyT?

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    8 thoughts on “Product Review: Donna Mac (TheMakeupVirgin)

    • Natrillyme

      I love your videos! Thanks so much for the product review. When you apply the Eco Styler gel, do you saturate your hair with the gel? I haven’t been able to get that full look as you accomplished and I’m wondering if its because I saturate my hair with the gel when doing my wash n’ go. Thanks in advance and please keep the vids coming. I’ll be making a new one very soon…please tune in! Thx.

    • 101LadyT

      @Natrillyme Thanks! I appreciate you watching my vids! I don’t saturate my hair with gel. I make sure that it is saturated with water then apply a leave in. Work it through by raking, smoothing and using my denman brush or skinny comb. Then I apply a little gel & continue to work it through. I have put a lot of gel on my hair before & when I did I got crunchy, dry results. When I do that, I get good results! It took me MANY tries to get it defined how I want it. Hope that helps! I will tune in!

    • MademoiselleKP

      Lovely review and beautiful hair! I’ve been wondering how her products are; don’t you just love her hair?

      What is the song playing during your wash and go experiment? It sounds so nice.

    • 101LadyT

      @MademoiselleKP Thanks! Her hair is gorgeous! As far as the song goes, it’s one of those tunes from my Mac lol

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