Product Review: New Cantu Shea butter for Natural hair

Hey guys I will be reviewing the new natural hair line by Cantu shea butter. I purchased the creamy hair lotion, the coconut curling cream and the deep treatment masque, cantu also has a lock & twist gel and a moisture mist from this natural hair line but I have not tried those yet. You can find these products at your local walgreens Thanks for watching and supporting.

25 thoughts on “Product Review: New Cantu Shea butter for Natural hair

  • kerducky

    Hi Kiki, I am one of your newest subscribers and I have so much to tell you!? I’m going to try & keep it short! Love your hair videos they have helped me so much. I am natural and have been for a long time I can probaly count on 1 hand the amount of times I’ve gotten a relaxer. Being natural I used to dread washing my hair so I would wash it very little(you know how we’ve been taught that dirty hair grows,what a MYTH!) Thanks to your hair washing videos I learned how to wash my hair in sections..

  • kikicouture10

    I’m? so happy my videos helped out that makes me happy to know I’m helping someone. I sometimes dread washing my hair because of the two textures but breaking my hair into sections definitely helps. I wish you much success with your natural hair journey and thanks so much for supporting my channel.

  • kerducky

    Let me tell you Kiki, using downward motions helped so much, I lost FOUR strands of hair! I had the nerve to save them & show em to my mom! I’ve been sharin your videos and stressin the? importance of patients & gentle handling on our hair. I found your videos about 2 mos ago because I was watching the hairfinity testimonials & you were one of the young ladies that were sharing their results. You are very positive & your videos are encouraging, & packed w/ info. You’re truly helping people!

  • kerducky

    Thanks Kiki! And I forgot to say that your hair looks really Great! I watched your hair journey and you have taken excellent care of your hair. I made a youtube channel just so I could tell you and 2 other youtubers (shimahair21 and nunaavane) just how much I appreciate and enjoy what you’re doing. Oh, I even joined? Hairlista thanks to you! I’m learning alot about how to care for my hair. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your evening!

  • Mrsladiiinnocence

    hey kiki i appreciate your channel so much my hair is so broken off just? from lack of care and bad hair cuts im ordering my hair potion now i pray it works for me thanks again for your channel. btw how is your new hair goal coming out,have you reached bra strap yet? good luck to you thanks so much again

  • kikicouture10

    Thanks so much I plan to be at bra strap length by August 2012 I have not straighten my hair due to my healthy hair growth challenge that’s going on so I’m not sure how long my hair is, I did my first update on that. I wish you much luck with your hair if your ends are broken be sure to moisturize and seal your ends nightly and check out my how to self trim video it’s better to do it yourself. Keep me posted on your healthy hair journey.?

  • Lifeisagift1990

    Nice review! I might try the Cantu Shea Butter? for Natural Hair–specifically the ‘Creamy Hair Lotion’ and ‘Moisturizing Twist & Lock Hair Gel’.

  • kikicouture10

    Thanks, I’m loving the? cantu shea butter creamy hair lotion, I just used it again today

  • Egyptian98

    Hi KiKi! Thank you so very much for all of your videos. I haven’t had an opportunity to review all of your videos just yet but as time allows I look forward to doing so. I’m in the process of transitioning and this is def a “hair journey”.? I will def keep all of your tips and advice as I move forward. My goal is to reach bra-strap length by April 2013…I cut off some relaxed ends up to the nape of the neck. I wish you the very best! Thanks again! #Blessings

  • kikicouture10

    you will make your goal continue doing what your doing focusing on the health of your hair and it will grow grow grow… I can’t wait to do another cut and take some more of the relaxed ends off so my hair will be much healthier and much easier to? detangle. Keep on your hair journey I wish you the best.

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