Product review: Nutiva’s EXTRA VIRGIN coconut oil

Coconut Oil is one of the oils ( as well as extra virgin olive oil) that is able to actually PENETRATE the hair shaft and help maintain the protein level and bonds in the hair strand. It’s also very moisturizing and it smells GREAT!!! There are several places you can get it: GNC, Walmart, CVS, Duane Reade, Natural food store, etc… But i get mine online through Amazon form a company called Nutiva. The make the most affordable, creamiest, richest and most deliciously smelling coconut oil i have very tried and i want to share my thoughts on that with you all. Timeline of video: 0:01 greetings 0:10 why do i love the Nutiva brand of coconut oil 0:32 some recommendation about when to buy it 0:53 Nutiva vs GNC 1:33 i prefer Nutiva You can get the same deals as me at:

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    2 thoughts on “Product review: Nutiva’s EXTRA VIRGIN coconut oil

    • Ilovemymommy88

      WOW 64oz for just $22 i gotta go get myself some THANK YOU SO MUCH for the info great video 🙂 I love it!!!

    • philo092188

      I LOVE COCONUT OIL you helped me find it for cheaper price and hopefully a better quality for that I LOVE THIS VIDEO…. if i could i would like it 5 times 😉

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