Product Review: OH Shine & Define, Whipped Pudding

Check out my review for 2 of Oyin Handmade’s products (I purchased them myself through! This is my first organized product review, so feel free to critique the video so I can make better ones later! WHIPPED PUDDING INGREDIENTS purified water, unrefined shea butter, organic aloe vera gel, cocoa butter, castor oil, coconut oil, sweet almond & olive oils, vegetable emulsifier, beeswax, palm stearic acid, vegetable glycerin, honey, optiphen (preservative), fragrance. :o) SHINE & DEFINE INGREDIENTS purified water, organic flax seeds, organic aloe vera gel, sea vegetable complex, coconut oil, castor oil, unrefined shea butter, organic raw honey, vegetable glycerin, palm stearic acid, vegetable emulsifying wax, fruit pectin, xanthan gum, dextrose, optiphen (preservative); citrus essential oils, fragrance, & love! — My last relaxer was August 6, 2010; I transitioned for 7 months before my Big Chop on March 4, 2011.

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