7 thoughts on “Product Review:) on Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil…

  • blueace928

    i’m sittin in the bed on my computer with some of the hollywood beauty olive cholesterol in my hair right now!! lol. this is my first time trying it. i hope it works out because I have the organic root stimulater replenishing conditioner and it’s just ok to me.

    btw, your hair looks beautiful!

  • MoChAbEaUtY87

    Girl, you are going to love it!!!! I really wanna know what you think so be sure to hit me up and let me know… good luck!!! && thanks for the compliment!!!! Muaaahhh!!!!

  • TheMellowgirl

    So I was looking for a cheap hair conditioning treatment to use because my hair was dry and needed to be detangled…I stumbled upon this very product in CVS for a little over $3….I tried it on Monday and was blown away by the results….thanks for posting this review…..I totally agree!! Great product Great price!! Oh by the way my hair type is about a 4b or c….it’s not as loose as your pattern 🙂

  • MoChAbEaUtY87

    OOOhh… no prob!! I loved it too girl…. Think I am going to make another Vlog of the steps I go through with it:) I just love Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil…
    Do you like the Organic Root Stimulator better???? But, about the hair type:/ I am still trying to figure it out, Girl! LOL!!!

  • ssikmoi88

    Hey gurlie, thanks for gd the video. I have thought of trying cholestrol conditioning treatments but whenever I read the ingredients, i get turned off… I purchased the root stimulator conditioner in may and still have some- i use mostly in deep condish cos i find it drying alone. It works well w. glycerine.
    I am rambling.. but I will look out for it and let u know if i try it!cheaper works w. lack of cashflow x

  • zzellezz1

    You are so beautiful, and I love your hair! Almost makes me wanna go natural…almost LOL 😛

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