Product Review: Shea Moisture

My review on the Shea Moisture product from Target. Coconut Hibiscus Curling Shampoo .99 Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie .99 Raw Shea DeepTreatment Masque .99 All Organic line…WONDERFUL!! Shea Moisture Website:

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    25 thoughts on “Product Review: Shea Moisture

    • shortysgs03

      @talioness13 haha, yes it is. I have said in my other videos that I had used the Ojon Restorative hair treatment for years but recently it hasnt been doing much for me, but that had always been my favorite. Im looking for a great deep conditioner 🙂

    • 007newnew

      Thanks for the review. I’ll be checking some of that out (shampoo especially). PRODUCT JUNKIES OF THE WORLD UNITE! LOL

    • chicandtease

      i was for sure you would love the deep conditioner because it smells sooo gooood! but I love the curl milk !

    • MyXdChiick

      Haha! What’s funny is the day i discovered the Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie at Target and took a whiff you made a video about it when i got home! lol!
      I am gonna go and get that one of these days….

    • shortysgs03

      @chicandtease No I thought I would too, but a lot of review say its not that great. But I really like it for 2nd day hair, once Ive been using it a little longer and try it on my wet hair I will do another review

    • shortysgs03

      @MyXdChiick It varies, 3a,3b,3c some sections are really loose and some are really tight

    • kiracakes09

      You’re wearing MY fave hairstyle hahahahah. Looks good
      One trick I’ve learned is to apply conditioner to hair that has shampoo in it to avoid the stripped feeling. In a sense, this helps me waste up my old shampoos.

    • tiramisu9xx

      did you use the shea moisture smoothie under the curls rock?
      ps. did you get 2nd day hair?

    • shortysgs03

      @KaleidoscopeIdeas I have used the Giovanni but its not a favorite for me plus I dont co-wash

    • TheGolden73

      You are so beautiful, can’t stop looking at you. And i am engaged!!!! haha.
      Back to the product, sounds good. Only thing is I don’t think I can get it in the UK.

      You guys have such amazing products over there.

    • OurLadyLourdes

      Hi shortysgs03!! So I am so super duper sad:( Rushed out to Tar-J to get my supplies and they shut me deezie!! I’m in Southern Cali and the only option is to order online. Not a problem, right? Wrong!! The website must be new and the hair care products aren’t offered yet:( Do you have any pull yet? If not they need you as a rep, you are a great model for the company:) Just venting, thanks for reading, if you do<3

    • OurLadyLourdes

      Okay shortysgs03, disregard my last comment please!! My boneheadedness should have realized I could buy online directly from Tar-J, instead of the actual website!! I’ll blame it on my two and three year old kiddies! LOL

    • Poetmind12

      I bought the Raw Shea Deep Treatment Masque about a month ago and the consistency of it is completely different from yours. Mine is light, thin, and creamy. I also dont care for it as a deep treatment. I use it as a leave in conditioner or a moisturizer for my twists.

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